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Designed by: Kobold Press

Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs is the follow-up to Kobold Press’ Book of Lairs, highlighting some of the creatures from Tome of Beasts 2 by designing entire lairs around them. You don’t need the actual monster book to run these lairs, however, as all necessary monsters are included, as well as gorgeous battle maps featuring a wide variety of dungeon settings.

The following is included in the Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs module ($19.99):

    • 14 single-map adventures (lairs), ranging from 1st to 15th level.
      • Each lair includes a full color, 5-ft square map (+dynamic lighting for subscribers).
    • 62 monsters with matching tokens and NPC statblocks, including over 40 new monsters from Tome of Beasts 2.
    • 2 new magic items

It’s important to note what ‘lairs’ are: lairs are larger than encounters but shorter than mini-adventures, and are typically defined by having a single dungeon to crawl through.

These lairs average around 10-rooms, though the actual maps get impressively large — the maze of thorns that make up “The Twisted Wreath” is a 44×64 grid map!

The lair maps are absolutely gorgeous (cartography by Jon Pintar), using vivid colors and minute details: orange and red lava pits and smoky tunnels in the volcanic caldera of “Fire and Fury;” an oasis dotted by palm trees, their shadows overlaying the still water in “Fight for Horseshoe Rock Oasis;” the messy rubble and broken beams of the abandoned bank in “To Track a Thief.”

The asking price is well worth the map quality alone.

Thankfully many of the lairs are fun and well-designed, showing off between two and five different monsters each from the Tome of Beasts 2. Note that all relevant statblocks and tokens are included; the actual monster book is not required.

“Fire and Fury” is a high-level dive into a volcanic tunnel, battling salamanders and avoiding lava pools and lavafalls as you confront an imposter god that’s really a badass four-armed, six-legged evil elemental.

tob2 lairs fire

“Shrine of the Hungry Dead” sends the party out to a small island chain and an old temple. The islands are now infested by ghouls who work in tandem with a deathweaver, a frightening giant spider whose necrotic webs transform its victims into zombies.

“Caverns of the Crystalline Monolith” features a unique river rapids down a steam-filled valley with sharp crystals jutting from the walls, ending in a memorable confrontation with a crystalline monolith.

My favorite is “House of the Worm God,” which is straight-up urban horror. An evil kidnapping cannibal cult gets their comeuppance when one of their victims becomes an undead horror and attacks them, only for their own god to find this delightful and transform them all into undead monsters after it kills them.

The house lair is suitably spooky, with blood trails, bodies, and new nasty undead creatures like Flayed Wraiths and the Fleshpurned.

Each lair features an adventure background and multiple hooks to bring your PCs and make them care (and yes, sometime the promise of loot is enough!). I appreciate that every single annotated room in every single dungeon includes read-aloud flavor text. Nice to know the attention to detail isn’t just on the art side alone.

Not every scenario is particularly memorable (the oasis lair in particular is little more than “defeat the monstrous beasts, please.”), and some are excessively linear, but they all feature wonderful maps and effectively highlight their selected creatures.

For some unfathomable reason, these lairs aren’t available as individual add-ons, which is the primary method most DMs will want to experience this content — to drop them into existing campaigns! Hopefully this is rectified soon, as previous Kobold Press lairs such as Prepared 2 are available as add-ons.


  • 14 lairs ranging from level 1 to 15, featuring a wide variety of locations and themes.
  • Each lair features a full color map, room descriptions, adventure hooks, NPC tokens, and dynamic lighting.
  • Includes all necessary 40+ statblocks from Tome of Beasts 2.


  • Currently unavailable as individual add-ons.

The Verdict: From undead cannibal cults to volcanic tunnels, river rapids, and golem factories, Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs features an excellent variety of ready-to-play mini-dungeons.

A review copy of the module was provided. Read more Roll20 Reviews and watch the video reviews on my YouTube channel.

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