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Designed by: CZRPG

From prolific 5E designer CZRPG comes Amazing Encounters & Questsan encounters book with 36 detailed, multi-page encounters.

Though lacking in a cohesive theme, this book includes some of the designer’s best work, with their signature professional layout and beautiful maps.

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The final product will include 36 encounters, including 24 wilderness encounters and 12 urban environments. The preview PDF features five encounters, and I’ll go over each one below!

“A Horned Peril” (2nd level) uses a somewhat humorous miniboss battle when a weregoat randomly attacks the party while traveling through a mountain. The lycanthropic satyr is really only testing the PCs, and will soon surrender. If satisfied, he can lead the party to a dungeon, or wherever the DM wants to lead them.

The weregoat can take full advantage of the terrain (and is armed with a heavy crossbow), which could lead to a challenging showdown.

“Horror at the Boiling Stream” (11th) places a unique and exotic creature, a remorhaz, into a relatively mundane location — a halfling farm. The PCs arrive to find a halfling family investigating a boiling river, only to have the terrifying creature emerge, eat the patriarch, and start wrecking havoc.

The party’s main job is to save and protect the rest of the family. The remorhaz is wearing a saddle, leading to some interesting questions, and teasing the nearby hiding sea hag who has attempted to tame the creature. Love it!

“Mystery at the Market” (N/A) is a great example of an encounter that doesn’t actually involve any combat. While shopping in a marketplace, the party bear witness to a sudden murder. By asking around and searching the area, the PCs can put together the proper clues and discover the culprit, which involves an affair, a bloody dagger, and a frame job. Excellent use of social + exploration!

treasure hunt map

Those who do yearn for a bit more combat during downtime between missions will enjoy “Tavern Brawling Time” (6th). The Wrestling Bear tavern includes a roped arena where participants can enter with wooden swords and shields. Bystanders can bet on the matches, and a foursome of stone golems on the edges can make things a bit more complicated for the fighters. A fun little combat minigame with lots of social potential.

In “Treasure Hunt” (3rd) the party are hired to grab a magical chest from the sea floor. The PCs are taken to the location, where they have to go underwater and retrieve it. They’ll have to fend of some giant electric eels before returning, and if they want a crack at the chest’s treasures, they’ll probably end up battling the unsavory crew.  The encounter effectively includes all three pillars of D&D: social, combat, and exploration.

If this is your first CZRPG encounter book, you’re in for another treat: the maps!

Each encounter includes a full color map in multiple styles and variety. Judging from the preview encounters, this is some of the designer’s best cartography, particularly the two urban environments.

The book is also professionally designed with beautiful artwork, great organization, and helpful subheadings, such as adventure hooks, background information, and potential outcomes. I’ve come to expect a great-looking product from CZRPG, but it’s still worth praising every time!


  • Interesting variety of encounters, situations, and locations, with multiple outcomes.
  • Encounters for each tier of play, including combat, social, and exploration types.
  • Well-organized, easy-to-read, and attractive layout.
  • Every encounter includes an original full color battle map.


  • None!

The Verdict: With fun ideas and quality production, Amazing Encounters & Quests looks like another winning encounter book from one of the best designers in the 5e business.

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