DMs Guild Review – Fleshforge (Dwiergus #2)

Over 20 demonic monstrosities from Dwiergus’ hellish flesh-factories.

dms guild review

A review copy of “Fleshforge (Dwiergus #2)” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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Designed by: Remley Farr

When I reviewed the first Dwiergus adventure, Petey’s Pork Pie Emporium, I proclaimed it a “deliciously twisted mega-dungeon” with a unique art style and gruesomely humorous design.

The follow-up, Fleshforge, isn’t an adventure at all. It’s a monster supplement featuring over 20 horrors that fit right in with the designer’s intriguingly macabre theme.

I was disappointed when I realized that Fleshforge wasn’t an adventure. If you create an adventure and label it [Series] #1, it stands to reason that [Series] #2 would be a sequel!

That’s not to say Fleshforge isn’t related. It builds upon the gruesome fleshy demon Dwiergus that was presented in Petey’s Pork Pie Emporium. This time we’re given several new monstrous and demonic creatures, in addition to the hog-demons found in the emporium.

I love the unique horror-art that’s both unsettling and compelling, and the descriptive text is chilling in all the right ways, like entries out of a Stephen King novel, or The Twilight Zone. I was also reminded of the classic children’s horror series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

The mini-short story for the Cucko Adelphophage describes a child-like creature that devours its family members one by one – as well as any memory that they ever existed. The Oculavore devours your eye if it attacks, and attaches itself as a parasite. Others fit nicely into Dwiergus’ corporate hell-system, like the Operation Receptionist and Infernal Auditor.

dms guild review

These crazy creatures are wildly inventive, funny, and interesting, but how do we actually incorporate them into our campaigns? Thankfully we’re given a Monster Idea Table that provides four mini-hooks for each of the 22 monsters – though it would’ve been better presented with the creatures then as a separate three page table at the end. A mother in a village could give birth to a grotesque chile-kin tumor-creature. A beholder hires the party to track down an oculavore that stole its eye. Tractor-Man City, a mile-long town-snatching demon on wheels, picks up the PCs’ home town and plops it on its back.

Did I forget to mention the Tractor-Man City? This crazy thing doesn’t even have a statblock, but I love its unique design and story potential. The supplement also includes random tables for modifying the demons, as well as from the base Monster Manual, including a massive d100 list of fleshy, gross mutations like inside-out organs, swarms of centipedes for eyes, 10-ft long fingers, and metal-melting urine. Most don’t alter a creature’s stats, but they’re sure as hell horrifying.

Fleshforge is an exceptionally memorable monster supplement, though I may not actually use any of these horror-beasts without the context of a themed adventure.


  • Evocative descriptions and captivating art for each of the unique monsters.
  • Random tables of demonic mutations.
  • Every monster features a d4 adventure hook table.
  • Tractor-Man City!


  • Not an adventure sequel to Dwiergus #1!

The Verdict: Fleshforge features a unique collection of memorable demons from the delightfully twisted mind of Petey’s Pork Pie Emporium.

A review copy of “Fleshforge (Dwiergus #2)” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

Support my work by using affiliate links for shopping and pledging via Patreon.

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