Weekly D&D Programming Update

Due to connection woes, we’re going to stop live streaming and just record our D&D sessions. Uploads to YouTube on Monday!

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Hey everyone,

Lately my ability to stream has gone down the toilet. My internet connection has never been great, but it’s always been good enough.

In the last few weeks, however, I can’t live stream without dropping about 80% of the frames. Anyone that’s tried to drop into our Sunday evening live streams have noticed how unwatchable that is. My upload speed remains the same and I’m unsure what the specific culprit is, but it’s not going away.

Since it also records and uploads to YouTube, it’s starting to drag the quality of our recorded videos down as well. The solution is to just stop live streaming altogether.

Instead I will record our sessions on Sunday evening, and upload them on Monday. The majority of our viewership and audience interaction comes from these archived YouTube videos anyway, and now the quality should vastly improve.

We really appreciate all the views and comments on our adventures and here on my blog. “Princes of the Apocalypse” is well under way and should last us throughout the year. If my connection woes ever improve we can try live streaming again, but for now you can watch our weekly adventures on my YouTube channel, and read about them here on my bog every Monday.

Author: roguewatson

Freelance Writer

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