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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

The inn had a nice warm fire crackling in the corner. I practically flew over to it, warming my body after the chilly encounter with the creatures of living ice. I’d only been embrace by one for seconds but I was still chilled to the bone.

“….giant snowy beasts! Nails as long as daggers. Teeth as sharp as….daggers.” I glanced over and saw that Bryseis had saddled over to the pair of loudmouths in the middle of the inn. It took me a few seconds to realize they were bragging about destroying the Yeti, the same ones who had nearly ended my life. I absently scratched at the scars on my chest.

Bryseis had called Korinn over and the two were feigning interest and fawning over them. I couldn’t help but grin.

“Let’s buy these ladies some drinks!” they declared. The ladies toyed with them like a cat toys with a mouse. Bryseis pressed them about the giants and the lads’ chests puffed out. Suddenly one of them gave out a slight yelp like a puppy. I looked over at Bryseis’ hand had disappeared beneath the table.

“Korinn I could’ve sworn we were the ones who fought the Yeti?” Bryseis said sweetly, flashing a devilish grin. The young men let out a whimper, his eyes wide.

Korinn nodded sagely and turned to the young men. “This one is a bit crazy, a loose cannon,” her hands waved casually at Bryseis. She lowered her voice to a steady growl as she leaned forward. “I suggest for your own good you tell us who you are and where you’re from. Because we know you’re full of shit.”

This week’s session felt like the falling action of a previously exciting episode. We cleaned up our final task as Protectors of Ten Towns, which ended up being a simple one-off encounter with some Glacial Oozes, then traveled back to Bryn Shander to report to the Sheriff, get our reward, and finally get the hell out of this frozen country.

d&dFirst we had to deal with an unconscious frost giant. We’d stumbled upon him via a blood trail while traveling from Lonelywood to Caer-Dineval last session, routing the crag cats and downing the giant.

Instead of a risky interrogation, we opted to use Kazin’s Detect Thoughts spell while the giant was still unconscious, letting me dive into visions from his past – and a dark possible future.

I saw a vision of dozens of viking longships sent out along the coast, with one ship traveling up the river toward the Ten Towns area, lead by Drufi. Were they all searching for the Ring of Winter?

I saw a frost giant with a great horned helmet – their leader? A dark possible future arose, with the figure adorned with the Ring of Winter, his fleet of ships traveling down the Sword Coast freezing everything in its path.

So, definitely don’t want the frost giants acquiring that thing! Unfortunately we don’t know anything about it, and clearly the giants aren’t sure where it is. For now we had to put that quest on the backburner. We opted to simply leave the giant weakened but alive in the snow, with a note warning them away from the Ten Towns region.

We continued our travel South toward Caer-Dineval to investigate the claim of living ice eating horses. Turns out there wouldn’t be a need to investigate at all.

d&dWe opted not to Short Rest after the giant battle, thinking it would be a straight shot to the next town. Instead we literally stumbled upon the living ice on top of a frozen pond. Over half a dozen Glacial Oozes shifted their way toward us while we hurriedly backed up. Roll for initiative!

This was a neat monster I hadn’t seen before, basically a Gelatinous Ooze covered in ice. Thankfully their lack of ranged attack and slow move speed played perfectly into our strengths.

Halfred launched a Spike Growth into half of them, while I used Eldritch Blast (and my Repelling Blast invocation) to knock them further back into it. T.I.M. ran up to melee the nearest one outside the spikes while our Sorcerers launched destructive spells.

We quickly learned that letting the Glacial Oozes touch you was bad news. The nearest one engulfed T.I.M. and a pair of them began knocking him around with freezing pseudopods. Bryseis launched a bouncing Chaos Bolt and her Meteors at the Oozes, and together with T.I.M.’s Spectral Weapon, freed our poor cleric.

I ran up to take over tanking duties. Meanwhile the Oozes were getting absolutely shredded by the Spike Growth, slowing them down and adding up to some really impressive damage. Kazin took some scary damage from a single engulfed attack from another ooze, but the ooze was swiftly destroyed.

It was a neat encounter that showed off some effective tactics and spells on our end, even with my warlock being completely out of spell slots at the start of the battle.


We traveled onward to Caer-Dineval, where the inn held two braggart blowhards who were claiming to have destroyed the terrorizing Yeti that harried us back in Sessions 8 and 9.

Bryseis saddled right up, turning on her deceptive seductive charm and roping Korinn into playing dumb and listening to their tall tales. She then flicked out her wrist dagger in a very sensitive area, and hilariously shut them up.

The innkeeper wasn’t really interested in what we just did – apparently the pair we’d just chased off were the ones that reported the oozes. Nothing much to do but get a Long Rest and get back on the road. I did identify the gauntlets I’d found on the frost giant as Gauntlets of Ogre Power. A very nice piece of loot for my STR-based melee bladelock.

The return trip to Bryn Shander was uneventful, and we turned in our quests to Sheriff Southwell. He was pleased with our results, rewarding us with 200gp each and the title of Protectors of Ten Towns. We used the loot (and our new titles) to help purchase some riding horses.

It’s finally time to get the hell out of this region. We’ve got several quests to pursue, with the nearest in the next town of Hundelstone. Kazin for one is very excited to leave behind this frozen land of frost giants, ice oozes, and wight walkers.

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