DMs Guild Review – The Curse of Skull Island

Transform your session zero into a mini-adventure of character creation with a fun pirate theme.

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Designed by: Anthony Joyce (w/ Nautical Character Options by Jeremy Forbing)

Every DM should know what a session zero is, but just in case: session zero is the recommended way to start a fresh campaign, by gathering up your players to create their characters, discuss the campaign’s setting and themes, and go over any house rules, questions, and concerns, before starting your first official adventuring session together.

The Curse of Skull Island” is a mini-adventure designed to slot right into a “zero-th” session of a campaign. The brief adventure is specifically designed to kickstart a Ghosts of Saltmarsh or other nautical-themed campaign while letting players create their characters and introducing them to tabletop roleplaying, Dungeons & Dragons, or the specific Dungeon Master’s GM style (or all of the above).

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Jaws Board Game Review [Pixelkin]

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Building upon the success of last year’s Jurassic Park Danger board game, Ravensburger returns with another movie license in the Jaws board game. Released in 1975, Jaws is often considered the original summer blockbuster, as a trio of men on the vacation destination of Amity Island try to keep a man-eating shark from, well, man-eating, first by trying to close the beaches, then by getting on a boat and hunting the shark themselves.

The Jaws game brilliantly captures both halves of the film in a unique two act structure, culminating in an exciting finale where the shark player rips apart a sinking boat while other players desperately try to fend it off.

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Goodreads Review – The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire #5)

The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire, #5)The Brightest Night by Tui T. Sutherland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More than the other books in the Wings of Fire series, The Brightest Night has a distinct three act structure. The first act is lame, as Sunny is separated from the others in an incredibly stupid way. The entire plot is ramping up from the last two novels with the RainWings and NightWings but Sunny’s tale begins to feel like an annoying side jaunt that we shouldn’t have time for.
Act 2 picks up as we get a deeper look at the Sandwings, and Sunny’s unique family, including the return of old characters and a nifty Game of Thrones style battle.
Act 3 suddenly thrusts the overarching plot back into the lime light as our heroes decide how to stop the war. Everything wraps up a bit too neatly, yet I also appreciate that the entire SandWing Civil War
and Dragonets of Prophecy plot is solved, not dragged on through book after book.
Ultimately it’s a satisfying conclusion to these characters and the first series arc, and landing somewhere in the middle of my ranking of the first five novels.

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DMs Guild Review – The Lost Lyrics of Rezinar

A review copy of “The Lost Lyrics of Rezinar” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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Designed by: Steve “Jaspor” Orr and Bill Putrino

I love music and appreciate fun parodies (hello 90s Weird Al!). “The Lost Lyrics of Rezinar” provides a dozen parodies of popular classic rock and pop songs with new Dungeons & Dragons themed lyrics. Most of them are clever and fun, though I was hoping for much more meaningful bard-related content.

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Tomb of Annihilation Session 40 Recap

We deal with the third and final pirate captain and explore the rest of Jahaka Anchorage.

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Previously on Tomb of Annihilation

Mannix, level 5 Human Inquisitive Rogue/Wizard
Khaless, level 5 Half-Drow Assassin Rogue
Gillian, level 5 Triton Bard of Whispers
George, level 5 Tortle Battle Master Fighter/Rogue
Therin, level 5 Hill Dwarf Druid of the Moon

After last week’s harrowing 3-hour battle, the party still had one loose end to tie up in the form of the escaping Captain Laskilar, followed by enjoying the spoils of all three pirate captains in the lucrative, but guarded, warehouse.

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