DMs Guild Review – Heaven Is a Place on Faerun (Truly, Madly, Deeply Part 3)

Help a small town with a pesky insect-summoning wizard in this underwhelming adventure for 3rd level.

A review copy of “Truly, Madly, Deeply-Module 3” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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Designed by: Chad Cray and Patrick Higingbotham (NZS Games)

dms guild reviewBalancing a written adventure with the ad-lib nature of D&D is tricky. How do you create content when the players and DM are actively creating their own content while playing? If you go too broad you risk not giving DMs enough information; go to too narrow and you stifle any creativity from the players.

Heaven is a Place on Faerun (Truly, Madly, Deeply Part 3)” suffers from the latter. It’s a short mini-adventure for a 3rd level party involving a town and a nearby dungeon that features a very specific delineation of events and characters.

A truly stellar story can make railroading your players worth it, and while the individually written characters are surprisingly deep, the actual story presented here isn’t very compelling.

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Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Review [Pixelkin]

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Pokémon GO’s incredible popularity on mobile phones introduced a whole new audience to the already stalwart Pokémon franchise. The Pokémon Company has leveraged that popularity for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!.

On the surface the Let’s Go games are glossy, 3D remakes of the first generation of Pokémon (Red/Blue/Yellow) with the much simpler Pokéball throwing mechanics borrowed from Pokémon GO. Despite its relative simplicity compared to recent mainline games like Sun and Moon, Let’s Go includes several brilliant new features that make journeying through Kanto again rewarding and memorable.

DMs Guild Review – Cult of the Glutton

Delve into a troglodyte-infested cave in this thematically-rich dungeon crawl for 5th-10th level.

A review copy of “Cult of the Glutton” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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Designed by: JVC Parry

Cult of the Glutton” is a one-shot dungeon crawl designed for Tier 2 play – that’s 5th-10th level heroes, although a Tier 2 party would have a hell of a time actually beating the final CR 20 boss at the end!

It’s an old-fashioned dungeon in that it’s devoid of story in favor of combat, traps, hazards, and lots of loot. On the plus side the actual dungeon design is absolutely delightful, with multiple branching paths, dungeon denizens that actually make sense, and plenty of secret passages and fun trap ideas. Continue reading “DMs Guild Review – Cult of the Glutton”

No D&D this week – Thanksgiving Holiday

Hey all – due to Thanksgiving holiday week here in the U.S. we will NOT be hosting a D&D live show this week (11/23).

I will also NOT be streaming Crafting Annihilation on Thursday, nor streaming Darkest Dungeon on Friday. We’re taking a full week off of D&D and will resume next week.

Thank you!

How a Young Daughter, a Late Dog, and an 80s Platformer Inspired Battle Princess Madelyn [Pixelkin]

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When your child is having a rough time, many fathers would bring home a teddy bear, or take them out for ice cream. But for pixel artist and indie game developer Christopher Obritsch, he decided to make a game.

“[My daughter] Maddi was bullied in daycare and at school,” says Obritsch. “The boys picked on her, telling her she couldn’t do things because she was a girl. I remember being very angry. I wanted to do something to cheer her up. I have scoliosis so I’m not exactly the playful dad I wish I was – so I make up for it in the only ways I know how.”

Battle Princess Madelyn was born, a retro-inspired platformer starring a pixelated version of Obritsch’s young daughter.

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Pixelkin 2018 Holiday Gift Guide [Pixelkin]

One of the single biggest projects I work on for is the Holiday Gift Guide.

If you’re a parent of gamers or buying gifts for gamers or just want to read up on great games that came out this year, check out our massive Gift Guide, including the hottest games for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and an all new board game category!

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