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Previously on Rime of the Frostmaiden

Valravn, level 15 Eladrin Bard of Eloquence
Fray, level 15 Halfling Barbarian of the Beast
Celeste, level 15 Half-orc Sun Soul Monk
Edmond, Level 15 Human Alchemist Artificer
Thimbleweed, level 15 Thri-kreen Swarmkeeper Ranger

Another two-year long, live streamed Dungeons & Dragons campaign is complete! As tradition, we spend an entire post-campaign session wrapping up the epilogue for our heroes, recapping the adventure, and discussing fun trivia stats.

And at one point, I sing a song. 


With the Everlasting Rime reversed and Auril’s power permanently diminished, the people of Ten Towns have an opportunity to rebuild, following the devastation wrought by the duergar’s Chardalyn Dragon. Few of our heroes decide to remain in Icewind Dale, however.

Vellyne offers Edmond a position at the Arcane Brotherhood, taking all the research they’ve learned from Icewind Dale and Ythryn. But he turns it down

Thimbleweed returns to his Reghed nomad tribe, but the now four-armed insectoid is swiftly shunned by his people. He ultimately returns to Ten Towns and becomes a tracker-for-hire, much as he began this campaign.

Celeste, having met (and punched!) her ceremorph abductors, founds her own monastery in Icewind Dale. But she misses the adventuring life, and soon embarks on a new adventure.

Fray survived an emotional rollercoaster at the end of the campaign, having her wendigo curse ripped from her body (and forced to defeat it), and having to reject the Frostmaiden’s offer of a more permanent form of servitude.

She slips away from the party at the soonest opportunity. She revisits her home of Lonelywood, where most survived, but she soon heads south after receiving a mysterious letter asking her to help kill someone. Intriguing!

Valravn finishes his epic book of their adventures, but back in the Feywild, nobody cares. Mortals? Snow creatures? Bah. The eladrin bard becomes disillusioned, takes his book, and returns to Faerun to share his story. But like the others, he’s itching for more adventure.

Favorite NPC: Blista the goblin

Favorite moments, quests, or locations

  • Chris (Valravn): The entire Sunblight sequence
  • Raymond (Edmond): The entire Sunblight sequence
  • Reese (Thimbleweed): All the running jokes and memes (goats, Genocider, Valravn speeches, etc), early game content
  • Rachelle (Celeste): The big brain Iriolarthas boss fight, being resurrected
  • Heather (Fray): The wendigo curse, fighting the party.

Recap by level:

Level 2

  • Edmond and Valravn, tracking reports of chardalyn, arrive in Icewind Dale, where the sun hasn’t shown for months. They meet Thimbleweed and Fray, both trackers from the Dale, along with Celeste, a janitor in a monastery who was abducted by aliens (and recently escaped!).
  • The battle a bunch of goblins and arrive in Bryn Shander, where they meet the Speakers and become Marshals of Ten Towns.
  • In Termalaine, they complete “A Beautiful Mine” quest to clear kobolds from gem mine.

Level 3

  • Learn about previous adventuring party lost in Kelvin’s Cairn; journey up the mountain to discover their fate (“Mountain Climb”), and the dangers of Dzaan, a wizard of the Arcane Brotherhood.
  • In Caer-Dinveal, investigate missing items and people, track kidnappers to hidden duergar outpost in “The Unseen.”

Level 4

  • At Caer-Konig, meet Avarice, Kadroth, and the Black Swords cultists obsessed with Chardalyn (“Black Swords”). Help Avarice oust Kadroth, and liberate the castle.
  • Follow-up on the lack of brews coming from Good Mead in “The Mead Must Flow.” Deal with murders, mutated bees, tense political situations, and a near betrayal by Thimbleweed.
  • In Easthaven, they witness the execution of Dzaan, and follow the trail of duergar from Caer-Dineval, leading to stopping a heist inside the town hall.

Level 5

  • With the goblin wagon fully restored the party meet the faithful Blista the goblin, and journey to the goblin village Karkolohk, featuring a surprise twist, and a Thimbleweed duel.
  • Receive a quest from a Goliath werebear spirit guide to cleanse a nearby cave of Aurilites.
  • Duergar fortress of Sunblight. Edmond takes on the guise of one of the slain princes and leads the party deep into the fortress. When things hit the fan, the party is forced to split up to deal with the emerging Chardalyn dragon, and the regrouping warlord, Xardarok!
  • In the fortress, they meet and rescue Vellyne Harpell, a wizard of the Arcane Brotherhood, and Kapnunuk, a Goliath tribal warrior.
  • In the climactic battle against the duergar warlord, Celeste is killed before backup can arrive. Thankfully her body is zombified by the rescued myconid.

Level 6

  • The duergar threat is laid to rest, but they are unable to stop the Chardalyn dragon from escaping. They hurry towards Ten Towns, catching up to the dragon at Easthaven.
  • In Easthaven the dragon is an unstoppable force, wrecking havoc from above. The party contends with looters and duergar saboteurs before making it to the town hall.
  • At the town hall, they witness Ravisin the frost druid creating a powerful artifact from Auril’s magic, but she’s killed before it can take effect. They take the artifact and hurry west to Bryn Shander.
  • Thanks to some forewarning, many of the townspeople around the Dale are saved, though the towns are still destroyed. 
  • With artifact in hand, the party journeys to Targos and unleashes a huge icy owl, finally bringing the dragon earthbound, where they can battle it, putting an end to its reign of destruction.

Level 7

  • Following “Destruction’s Light,” the party discovers a secret office once held by Vaelish Gant, and learns the location of a hidden chardalyn dig site.
  • Vellyne warns about Nass Lantomir, a partner of Gant’s, and someone who stole an important artifact from the Brotherhood.
  • At the dig site the party makes more startling discoveries, including the location of an entire Netherese city buried under the Reghed Glacier.
  • Nass Lantomir, now a powerful ghost-wizard, possesses Vellyne and rips out Thimbleweed’s gestating insect-egg! Also, the first appearance of Fray transforming into a wendigo due to her cannibal curse.

Level 8

  • The party follows-up on several side quests around the Dale, including journeying out to a shipwreck, which turns out to be a treasure hoard belonging to the ancient white dragon, Arvieaturace (“Dark Duchess”)!
  • A frost giant tells the party about a hidden vault for giants at “Jarlmoot.” The party completes the arena and the puzzles, then battle the duplicitous giant. Valravn makes nice with his new mammoth friend, Francine.

Level 9

  • Celeste follows a psychic signal, leading the party east toward a crashed nautiloid (“Id Ascendant”). Their wagon is destroyed by bulettes, but by defeating the nautiloids defenses and forcing the surviving ceremporph to surrender, the party acquire a flying airship!
  • The party visit their Goliath friend Kapunuk in the mountains, where they learn of a feud between two Goliath tribes. 
  • At the second tribe, the party accept a quest to hunt a dragon in a cave — but the dragon was eaten by a remorhaz! After its defeat, the party succeeds in uniting the Goliath tribes.

Level 10

  • Finally following up on Dzaan’s whereabouts from back during “Mountain Climb,” the party tracks his location to a crashed, upside down tower made of Chardalyn.
  • Inside they find more creepy, increasingly mutated clones of Dzaan, leading to an ancient Netherese laboratory that has gone terribly wrong.
  • With all the side quests cleaned up, the party arrives in Revel’s End, the location of the incarcerated Vaelish Gant. However, the prison has been ransacked by Kruthiks birthed from the queen Nass took from Thimbleweed.
  • They battle through the prison, and Thimbleweed accepts another transformation from the queen, turning into a full Thri-Kreen!

Level 11

  • With Nass and Vaelish already left for the Island of Solistice, the party fire up their nautiloid and head across the Sea of Moving Ice. But the airship is attacked by a vengeful Arvieaturace, and they crash-land on the island. None of their NPC companions survive (thankfully Blista retired back before they took the airship).
  • At Auril’s Abode the party explores a shipwreck, journey across the tundra, survive a yeti encounter, and enter the former frost giant mountain fortress of Grimskalle.
  • Inside Grimskalle the party finally catch up with Vaelish and Nass. They bargain with the villainous wizards and get Vellyne back.
  • The party must then complete four trials to gain access to the artifact needed to open the glacier.
  • With the trials complete, Nass teleports them all just in time, before the Frostmaiden’s forces overwhelm them. Fray, meanwhile, accepts the Blessing of the Frostmaiden.

Level 12

  • Nass’ magic leaves them in front of the glacier, where the Codicil of White unlocks the path to Ythryn. The path, howver, is the long, dangerous caves known as the Caves of Hunger.
  • In the Caves of Hunger the party deals with flaming skulls, gnoll vampires, a nest of remorhaz, and, even worse, Fray transforming into a deadly ravenous wendigo.
  • Edmond is charmed by a dryad, and the party must fight her to regain his sanity.

Level 13-14

  • They finally make it to the ancient Netherese city buried under the glacier “Doom of Ythryn.” The city’s reactivated Mythallar is malfunctioning, however, creating rips in space and time and threatening greater destruction.
  • To make it to the central spire that houses the Mythallar, the party must complete the trials at each of eight arcane towers.
  • Through the towers the party destroys magic items at a talking anvil, battles waves of nothics, performs literal brain surgery, and completes an epic stage play.
  • They also explore other areas in Ythryn, including a sports match involving lightning, drink from a magic-bestowing cup, and defeat a terrifying psychic hydra.
  • With some help from Vaelish and Nass (or really, an ice devil), the party gains all eight lines of the Arcane Octad. After defeating Vaelish and Nass, they gain access to the Spire of Iriolarthas, where more trials await.

Level 15

  • At the end of the Spire they reach Iriolarthas himself, the big elder brain of Ythryn. After defeating him in an epic confrontation, the party hurries to the bottom of the spire, and the Mythallar.
  • The Mythallar is already under assault by the forces of Avarice and the Frostmaiden. The party battles the Frostmaiden’s forces while keeping her and Avarice away from the legendary artifact.
  • Fray is betrayed by the Frostmaiden and loses her hunger curse, forcibly battling her darker self.
  • Finally with their enemies laid low, the party attunes to the artifact as a group, and successfully use its expanding power to reverse Auril’s rime, reducing her power and bringing the sun back to Ythryn.

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