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Previously on Rime of the Frostmaiden

Valravn, level 6 Eladrin Bard of Eloquence
Fray, level 6 Halfling Barbarian of the Beast
Celeste, level 6 Half-orc Sun Soul Monk  Plant Spore Servant
Edmond, Level 6 Human Alchemist Artificer
Thimbleweed, level 6 Gnome Swarmkeeper Ranger

You know that episode after the big, awesome episode with all the crazy action, drama, and special effects? The one where it’s obvious we need to scale back after blowing all our budget for the season?

Yeah, we do that episode this week as our heroes spend the majority of the session leveling up, divvying up loot, and hearing important story exposition from a new NPC.

Following the high-stakes final battle of Sunblight, the Marshals are in bad shape. One dead (now a plant zombie!), another unconscious.

Due to their success in stopping Xardarok and slowing down the dragon, they earned one of the most-needed long rests of their D&D careers. Edmond-Durth has a nice, long conversation with Grandolpha about their future plans, and the heroes eagerly divide up the impressive spoils from the duergar vault, and Xardarok himself.

Valravn takes on the role of treasurer and organizes the loot for everyone else based on their needs, and everyone agrees to it.

  • Valravn takes the Chardalyn Gauntlet (basically grants Eldritch Blast, with some chardalyn risk).
  • Fray takes the Chardalyn Crown (Psychic Rebuke!), and Vellyne’s Wand of Magic Missiles.
  • Celeste, now a zombified spore servant, is given Vellyne’s Bracers of Defense.
  • Edmond attunes to his fancy Prototype Mechanical Arm, a custom item I created just for him that’s capable of transforming into different modes.
  • Thimbleweed claims the Piwafi  (Cloak of Elvenkind that can’t touch sunlight).

The party doubles the number of magic items they posses, and everyone now has between two and three attuned magic items. Not bad for newly level 6!

Although Celeste is technically dead, her body was raised as a spore servant by the myconid sovereign in the throne room. The player chooses to continue playing the character as a spore servant in the hopes of soon getting resurrected. The party has to return to Ten Towns anyway to deal with the dragon.

Ah, the dragon. Once they finish their long rest, Grandolpha informs the party that the dragon has escaped, and flew off like a rocket toward the northwest.

The party knows the dragon’s exact flight plan and route of destruction, beginning with Dougan’s Hole and moving counter-clockwise around Ten Towns, ending at Bryn Shander.


What they don’t know is the dragon’s speed, how long it stays in each town, and what it’s programmed to do. Nothing good, we presume.

Without wasting any more time, the party sets off in their wagon with their NPCs, including Kapanuk the goliath, who agrees to join with them until he can return to his people, and Vellyne the wizard.

First, the party debates on where to go. They could try and hurry to Dougan’s Hole and follow the dragon’s path trying to save people and possibly reaching the dragon.

Or they could hurry to Easthaven, the nearest large town, and try to get ahead of the dragon’s warpath.

Both towns are almost equidistant from Sunblight. Ultimately they decide to go to Easthaven, which is a smart (though callous) decision for them, but unfortunately skips some of the content I had planned around Dougan’s Hole and Good Mead. Such is the DM’s curse for player choices!

During the five and a half hour journey across the tundra, Vellyne regales them with her tale: She is a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, and was sent to the region along with Avarice and Dzaan to hunt one of their own.

Nass Lantomir had stolen an artifact from the Brotherhood’s vault and brought it to Icewind Dale. Soon after, the endless night began.

Coincidence? Vellyne doesn’t think so. She did some digging.

Turns out Lantomir was an apprentice wizard to Vaelish Gant, another member of the Brotherhood. He had arrived in Icewind Dale about two years ago and established a criminal enterprise, even briefly taking over Bryn Shander.

Gant was eventually defeated and thrown in prison, and the Brotherhood disavowed him. Lantomir had apparently escaped persecution, and set off a plan of her own in the region.

Vellyne isn’t sure where Lantomir is now or her motivations, but she’s certain she’s involved in some way. Aside from possibly checking on Gant at Revel’s End, the maximum security prison at the edge of the tundra, Vellyne has another lead.

She thinks she knows the location of Gant’s safehouse in Bryn Shander, which should give them some clues. She was trying to find it after she, Dzaan, and Avarice went their separate ways, but she stumbled upon a bunch of duergar instead, and was swiftly captured.

Vellyne formerly asks the Marshals to help find Lantomir, strongly believing this quest will lead to solving Icewind Dale’s endless night. The party agrees, but first everyone has to deal with the more pressing matter — the chardalyn dragon bearing down on Ten Towns!

The party arrives in Easthaven only to realize the speed of this machine of mass destruction — the dragon’s already there, in the middle of razing the town!

MVPC – Valravn

Live post-session discussion:

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