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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden to bring you an entirely new mini-campaign! It’s the Forge of Fury (from Tales from the Yawning Portal), with guest DM, Heather.

Absalon, level 4 aasimar cleric of death
Lat’Zure, level 4 githzerai rogue soulknife
Youb Asic, level 4 human champion fighter
Frank, level 4 tortle battle master fighter
Rech, level 4 human champion fighter

When we last left off, our doomed heroes were dead, dying, or hovering around 1 hit point, with a pair of fresh orc reinforcements bearing down on us.

This week, those poor bastards are no where to be found, as an all-new team descends into this deadly dungeon.

Despite the cliffhanger from last week, we began this session with an all-new roster of heroes. The DM had everyone make two characters for this campaign, and declared that now is the time for everyone to switch to their backups!

This time, our party finds a different way into the dungeon, one that avoids the murder hallway, orc arrows, and rickety bridge.

We descend from a rope into a shaft that leads down into the kitchen. It’s a previously-sealed off room next to where the two women are being held prisoner — still waiting for someone to rescue their poor sister.

We don’t get any additional answers out of them, and head north, getting some major deja vu from traversing the same area. The same T-intersection looms before us, with one major difference: the ground along the path to the right is covered in blood! Remains of our previous party?

We tentatively explore the right path once again, but in the room beyond we find neither survivors nor remains, just a worrying amount of blood in an empty room. Occasionally we hear the sound of a squealing pig in the distance…

Nowhere to go but back to the intersection and head left. The hallway features a staircase leading up to the south, as well as a door around the corner to the north, near a small hallway with a statue at the end.

We investigate the door at the top of the stairs, throwing it open to find a group of two-headed death dogs led by a hill giant. Roll for initiative!

forge of fury session 3 death dogs
I forgot to update our names to our new PCs this week — oops!

The evil dogs charge at us from the top of the stairs, biting at our three tanky fighters. They don’t do much damage but they each attack twice, hit often, and inflict a nasty disease that lowers max hit points.

Lat’Zure remains behind everyone, hurling soulknife blades, while Absalon summons a spectral scythe (Spiritual Weapon) and unleashes empowered necromancy cantrips.

The hill giant remains in the room, hurtling javelins. Two of them strike Rech for critical hits — ouch!

It takes a long time of brutal fighting, but we eventually cleave through all four death dog minions and finally reach the actual room to take on the giant. Thankfully he misses with most of his greataxe attacks, although just one of these 20+ hits is enough to make us cringe.

Amazingly none of us go down in this fight, though all three fighters end up in bad shape.

The giant bellows before he dies, and an odd, robotic spider-eye creature climbs up the stairs behind us and explodes! Thankfully the DM rolls 2 damage on a 2d8. Finally, the PCs catch a break!

We didn’t make much more progress than Team A, but we did at least survive the big encounter. Hopefully we can reach our goal next week.

Live post-session discussion:

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