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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 16 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 16 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 16 triton Champion Fighter, College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 16 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 16 warforged War Domain Cleric

The brief rest helps, but we still look at each other with pained expressions. The Creator is dead, and those demons may have ended us if not for a damn magic rug.

My thoughts are dark as we swim back through the waterlogged temple, emerging into sunlight. Styx sputters – the only one not affected by Kethra’s water breathing, then squeaks in terror and darts under my hat. In all our time together I’ve never seen him scared before. I look up and see them.

Dozens, maybe hundreds of winged beings hover over us, including a giant golden unicorn, and the celestial dog who had spoken to us after the waterfall.

In the middle of them all is Rahmael, the leader of the celestial forces. His voice booms and echoes with absolute authority.

“Your time is at an end, little mortals. But you can do one last good thing before I cut you down. Tell us what you were told. Where is the home of the Creator?”

We began this session still fighting the amnizu, and Kaelan rolling Death Saves. Thankfully TIM healed him back to consciousness, while Kethra ran up to the slimy demon and injected him full of a custom tranquilizer cocktail she had made several sessions ago, giving him the effects of the Slow spell – which meant no more redirecting reaction!

The party ganged up on him after that, from Gillian’s phase axe to Scarlet’s divine smites, until he melted into a puddle. He was unable to reach the slumbering marillith, still wrapped snugly in TIM’s slumber rug.

While the party had a brief moral dilemma over what to do with the demon, Kaelan and Kethra started attacking her with her own weapons. She woke up, punched us a few times for laughable damage, then tried to escape as we cut her down. Look, she’s a demon, okay? No Mercy! Cobra Kai never dies!

Kethra took her Rust Blade and Kaelan the Hellfire Crossbow. We looked over the body of the Creator, still unsure who killed him and took his staff. We short rested, then left the temple behind to swim back to the surface.

Emerging from the water, we were surrounded by celestial angels, including Rahmael himself. He demanded we tell them what we had been told by the Creator’s dead man’s switch hologram, but he was willing to destroy us either way.

The Moon Dog was also there, the one who had expressed his concern about Rahmael’s tactics, and may be willing to work with us against his boss. He used Thieves Cant to explain to Kethra that he needed us to buy some time. Kethra nodded to Scarlet, and she proceeded to verbally lay into Rahmael and the celestials, chastising them for everything they’ve done.


It was enough. Just as Rahmael started to give the order to tear us apart, the Moon Dog announced a cadre of demons flying this way. How he worked that out we may never know, but the distraction pulled Rahmael and most of his forces away to deal with them. He left a single planetar angel behind, a large winged humanoid with green marbled skin. He was to deal with us.

One large celestial was about all we could handle. While the Moon Dog looked on (much to the planetar’s anger), we battled the celestial as he swept his large broadsword, cutting into all of us.

Kethra and Kaelan retreated to shoot him from afar. He surprised us by kneeling down and praying, activating a blast of holy fire every time he was struck, dealing frightening amounts of damage to Gillian, TIM, and Scarlet.

Kaelan cast Silence to stop his prayers, followed shortly by Kethra striding through the silent bubble and slicing his head off with a critical sneak attack of over 80 damage!

The Moon Dog explained that he still needed proof of Rahmael’s misdeeds, though we were unsure how to get it. Then we got the hell out of there, hurrying back across the island toward the village, where our giant turtle ride awaited.

The islanders were as eager to leave as we were. We noted that the giant turtle island had been injured, presumably by the devil shark that had attacked us on the way to this island. We kept our eyes and ears open (and Kaelan’s demon awareness radar) as we all clambered aboard the turtle as it began speeding off back toward the mainland.

Not minutes later, the devil shark resurfaced, swimming after us at a much greater speed. We tried to casting spells but it proved shockingly wise, so we resorted to blades and arrows. It still bore the injuries from our previous encounter and got off only a single attack before we cut it down, a nasty cold spray that nearly killed TIM.

Finally the scene was clear. We were all badly depleted – it had been six sessions since our last Long Rest! The DM is keeping us to one Long Rest per level/area, and this last session was particularly tense with multiple back-to-back boss fights.

The turtle now makes its way back toward the Verdant Spire, and the nearby hidden base that served as the Creator’s home, where we’ll hopefully find more answers – as well as level up to 17!

MVPC – Scarlet

Post-session live discussion:

Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

Support my channel via Patreon!