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Snigbat, level 3 goblin beastmaster ranger (and Piggie)
Gazz, level 3 goblin armorer artificer
Owla Din, level 3 owlin paladin of glory
Vasool, level 3 loxodon druid of the moon
Rector, level 3 elf way of the drunken master monk

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden to bring you an entirely new mini-campaign! It’s the Forge of Fury (from Tales from the Yawning Portal), with guest DM, Heather.

In our first session, our characters take on a mission to plumb the depths of an dwarven stronghold, now overrun by orcs.

Our odd-ball party skipped the introductions and jumped right into the adventure. Having climbed up a mountain in the Spine of the World, we travers a narrow path on the edge of a cliff, finding a pair of bored-looking orcs in front of an opening into the mountain itself.

Owla sheds her armor (which armorer Gaz eagerly snatched up) and becomes our eyes in the sky, noting the orcs appeared to be alone. The opening behind them continued for some distance.

After some nervous deliberation, Snigbat the ranger, atop his trusty steed Piggie the boar, saunters up to the orcs. Diplomacy isn’t exactly their forté, and the orcs aren’t very amused with his antics. Roll for initiative!

Snigbat notices some ‘murder holes’ around the mountain tunnel entrance, including one directly above him, and holds his shield up defensively, protecting him and his pig.

The rest of us charge forward, showing off our variety of attacks, from the loxodon druid’s vine whip spell to the drunken monk’s impressive bobbing and weaving. Owla even swoops in for a righteous eye-gouging.

The orcs soon fall, but arrows are raining all around us from the holes. We’re still in combat mode, and have little choice but to try to outrun the danger by… heedlessly running deeper into the dungeon!

forge of fury session 1 orcs

Arrows continue to sling out as we dash down the tunnel, down some stairs and through a door, until we finally reach a wooden bridge spanning a chasm. Rector goes first, spotting a pair of orcs on the other side, who promptly hurl their javelins. He catches one using his deflect missiles, while the rest of us try to cautiously step onto the bridge.

It doesn’t go well. Gazz slips and falls (failed Acrobatics check), but manages to hang on and avoid a lethal fall (successful Dex save). Snigbat almost follows suit, saved only by the saddle on Piggie. It’s at that point that another orc appears on our side of the bridge. We’re surrounded!

Things are looking bad, but Rector and Vasool make it across the bridge and dispatch one of the orcs on the other side. Gazz uses one of his infused items, a Rope of Climbing (grappling hook from his suit!) to help stabilize him the rest of the way across.

Poor Owla, still flying without her armor, spends much of the time catching up to the rest of us, but makes it to the bridge around the time Gazz and Snigbat are carefully crossing. Gazz gets the killing blow on the second orc with his thunder gauntlets from his armor.

We make it across the bridge — a bridge that nearly killed two of us but for a merciful DM! With angry orcs still behind us, there’s nowhere to go but deeper into the dungeon.

Live post-session discussion:

Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

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