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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 14 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 14 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 14 triton Champion Fighter/College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 14 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 14 warforged War Domain Cleric

The dragon is so fast we almost lose sight of him as he takes to the skies and head towards Marina’s tower. We could feel the rage emanating off of him, a shackled slave of the archdruid, forced to destroy an entire city.

We race through the forest. The forest, which is completely under Marina’s control. Her eyes and ears.

A voice begins to echo through the trees. Marina. “I give you every chance to follow my rules. I give you clear instructions. And still you betray me like so many others. You are an enemy to me now. Taken my greatest servant and turned him against me. I will destroy you all.”

Scarlet couldn’t help herself: “The servant is the sword and the sword is with me now and he’s fine. We didn’t do anything wrong!”

As if in answer, the dragon overhead roars in fury. Giant ravens take to the sky to intercept as a furious aerial battle breaks out.

The voice grows agitated. “You have brought me many problems,” Marina snaps. “You are my enemy, and the forest is now your enemy.”

The skies darken, thunder cracks, and rain begins to fall. Marina emerges from the tower draped in her robes, her three-headed chimera growling next to her. We clench our weapons, startled to hear multiple hissing sounds from beneath her cowl.

While Scarlet chatted up an adult green dragon, Kethra attempted climb on top of its head. A magic longsword was imbedded in the dragon’s skull, changing its entire personality, and we aimed to free them both.

Unfortunately the dragon had noticed Kethra, and we had to roll for initiative.

Kethra acted first, continuing the perilous climb up the dragon’s neck, grasping the sword, and pulled. She wiggled it a few inches, but we realized it would take several successful checks to extricate the blade.

Kaelan followed up by Mist Stepping right next to her and pulling…unsuccessfully. While Scarlet tried to downplay the entire situation and calm it down, the angry sword-dragon swiped at TIM, then launched itself 80 feet in the air, bathing us all in its Frightening Presence.

We were in quite the predicament, with Kaelan and Kethra hanging onto the sword as the dragon took flight. Another yank from Kethra wiggled the sword a bit further.

Gillian tried to bring the dragon down with a Hypnotic Pattern, but the beast shrugged it off. TIM sent a Message spell, reassuring the airborne party members that Gillian can cast Feather Fall.

Emboldened by the support, Kaelan mustered the strength and yanked the sword free, grabbing Kethra as they both began to fall off the dragon and plummet toward the ground. Gillian caught them with Feather Fall, letting the drop gently, followed by a loud roar as the dragon landed beside us (that’s twice Gillian has saved our bacon with Feather Fall!).

The dragon, named Valdemar, was somewhat grateful, but mostly ready to go kick Marina’s ass for embedding the sword in his skull and using him as an instrument of destruction. He revealed that his body was taken over, and forced to destroy the entire city that surrounded us.

Scarlet claimed the magic sentient longsword Tellurai, continuing to build a cute relationship as she admonished it for the, er, genocide.

The dragon didn’t stick around to chat for long, taking to the air to confront Marina. He pointed out that Marina was already aware of our betrayal, and our choice had been made for us when we decided to free him. We hurried after, waving at the tribe of were-bears who had gathered outside their cave to watch. Don’t worry friendly were-bears! We’re going to go kill the archdruidess instead of you.

The green dragon engaged in a mid-air fight with a flock of Marina’s giant ravens, while the druid emerged from her tower, her albino chimera and wooden guardian in tow. She wasn’t thrilled about her pet being freed to turn on her, and we’d finally grown fed up with her past transgressions. Roll for initiative!

Our poor DM rolled poorly on initiative for all the enemies, leaving Kaelan to open with a 35 damage Fireball (everyone fails) and Kethra to land an assassinate Crit on Marina, dealing 60 damage! In only two turns we dealt nearly 100 damage to the boss of Marin’s Grove.

We continued to smack Marina around, though she surprised us when she removed her cowl, revealing a head of snakes. A medusa! Gillian averted her eyes yet still sliced her up with her phase axe. TIM responded by hitting her with a blinding Contagion, eliminating her Petrifying Gaze, and her ability to aim her powerful spells, causing a Sunburst explosion to explode harmlessly to the south.

By the second round, Marina was limping away. The chimaera pounced in the middle of our team, biting and clawing at Gillian and Scarlet, but Kaelan destroyed it with a powerful volley of crossbow attacks. Crisann, the ghostly spirit that whispered at TIM, emerged to exact his revenge on Marina, but it was Kethra who got the kill with a deadly arrow.

Rycresh (AKA the DM) reminded us that we needed information from her on where to the find the creator, who apparently had named this entire plane after himself, Anonyma.

Scarlet used Revivy to bring Marina back, and we learned that the creator was happy about bringing together new factions into the plane, and had left to an island to welcome them. We recalled from his journals in the tower that a rogue group of celestials and demons had forsaken their war and tried to escape here. Clearly that didn’t end up working out for anyone.

Valdemar landed with a thud, declaring that Marina would not survive his wrath, while he was willing to let us go. We weren’t prepared to argue with him, and so we walked out of the grove, hearing a final scream from the murdering druid-medusa as we embarked on our next journey to the island, and level up to 15!

MVPC – Kaelan & TIM (Tie)

Post-session live discussion: 

Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

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