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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 15 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 15 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 14 triton Champion Fighter/College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 15 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 14 warforged War Domain Cleric

Searing heat and light jolt me awake. My eyes fly open, momentarily blinded before adjusting to the soft glow of the surrounding torchlight in the darkness. The hut is gone. Is this a dream?

Stepping out of the darkness is a monstrous beast, clawed hands and feet, blue skin, and a wide maw. Others began appearing, in different shapes and colors.

Rycresh cried out, “What the hell are slaad doing attacking us? They’re supposed to be our allies.”

We shake off the sleep and pull ourselves together. I carefully put on my hat, and glance over to see Styx had been vaporized by the explosions.

“Careful,” Rycresh warns, “these slaad are beings of pure chaos.”

My eyes glow red as I pull the demonic power forth, shaping flames in my hands and looking at the hulking beasts smugly approaching. “Chaos is my middle name.”

After leveling up to 15, we finally left the One Wood. Our next destination is an island where the creator of the plane was last seen. The island was far to the east, requiring a travel montage over a river and along the coastline of the main continent as we made our east, then north before turning east again, careful to avoid a dangerous creature that made the northern half of the river her domain.

On the way we spotted over a dozen winged humanoids – celestials, flying overhead. We ducked into cover, letting them fly past us. Later we came upon the carnage, a battlefield of fiend and celestials. Even worse, a small collection of hollowed-out tree homes and bodies of dead satyrs.

The war was being fought everywhere in this world, and its poor denizens were paying the price.

We set up Gillian’s hut in a forest filled with huge mushrooms. TIM watched for danger as usual, as a fog surrounded our torches. A sound caught his attention. He cast light on a stone and threw into the darkness, illuminating a large blue, frog-like monstrosity. Roll for initiative!


Unfortunately most of us were still asleep, and we quickly found out there were several slaads (slaad? Slaadi?) lurking in the dark, and they were capable of hurling fireballs and radiant blasts. Rude awakening, indeed!

We picked ourselves up and went to work. TIM couldn’t do much against the hulking blue slaad, but neither could Big Blue penetrate TIM’s armor. A Red Slaad charged our backline, trying to, er, implant a slaad egg into Kethra, and she responded with a vicious stabbing of her own.

A staff-wielding green slaad attempt to blast the party with Fear, but the magical effect simply washed over Scarlet’s free-immune aura. A white slaad materialized from invisibility to cast a spell, but Kaelan shut it down with Counterspell.

The green slaad had a nasty effect that forced anyone within 30-ft to make a CON save when casting a spell. We switched to using mostly weapon attacks, empowered by TIM’s Crusader’s Mantle spell, and began carving up slaad steaks. The red and green slaad fell, the blue retreated, and Kaelan once again Counterspell’d the white, preventing it from turning invisibility, and forcing it to fall to our blades.

The slaad attack meant bad things had happened to Feogh, who had traveled with us when we first left the spire to enlist their aid. We learned that the slaad in this plane are normally friendly (well friendly-ish) and retain control of their own control gems.

These slaad, however, did not have their gems. Someone was controlling them, and wanted us dead. Rycresh pleaded with us to enter the nearby slaad caverns and rescue Feogh. Looks like the island will have to wait.

MVPC – Kethra

Post-session live discussion: 

Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

Support my channel via Patreon!