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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 20 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 20 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 20 triton Champion Fighter, College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 20 half-elf Assassin Rogue/Fighter
TIM, level 20 warforged War Domain Cleric

As is tradition when a campaign ends, we spend a full session recapping everything that transpired, as the DM pulls back the curtain on their plans. We also reveal some fun stats, and for the first time, celebrated with the live chat by hosting several DMs Guild giveaways, trivia, and polls.

Epilogue. Possessing the Creator’s staff and spellbook, Rycresh offered to send us wherever we like across the multiverse. A tempting offer, and Kaelan immediately wanted to return to the hell-plane from the final battle, to fight demons for the rest of his life (which would probably not be long).

But our other allies convinced us to stay in the Lost Plane to help rebuild their idea of a sanctuary for bizarre, lost, and endangered creatures. TIM was particularly enthusiastic about ruling, gradually convincing the rest of us to stay and help, including appointing Gillian as diplomatic advisor.

The only one to fully break away was Kethra, who boldly asked Rycresh to send her home – but 200 years in the future, to discover new ways of killing people. Should come in handy when TIM’s eventual tyrannical rule causes Scarlet and Kaelan to rise up against his army of TIMs wearing mushroom hats and spewing glitter. The true War for the Lost Plane!

And now a brief recap of our homebrewed, high level campaign:

Level 13

  • Transported to the Lost Plane, dumped in the Verdant Spire.
  • Fend off attacks of both angels and demons.
  • Meet the Creator’s three allies, choose Rycresh to accompany us on our journey to find him.

Level 14

  • Travel north across Anonyma, choosing to cross through the living forest known as the One Wood. Survive an ambush by demons, and meet Irathon, demon general, for the first time.
  • Explore Marina’s Grove to check up on the Creator’s lover, a powerful druid. She tasks us with clearing out some demons and were-bears.
  • Halfway through Marina’s task, we discover a dragon with a sword in its head. Through a complex, risky scheme we remove the sword, freeing the dragon from the sword’s personality.
  • Scarlet gains the magic sword, and the dragon flies off to attack Marina. We join him and defeat her, and learn where we need to go next.

Level 15

  • On our way to Summit Island, the last known location of the Creator, we rest by a cave and are ambushed by Slaad. Rycresh implores us to enter the nearby Twisted Caverns to check up on another of The Creator’s allies, Feogh, who was supposed to gather intel from the Slaad.
  • Inside the Twisted Caverns we are bombared by chaos magic whenever we cast a spell, leading to hilarious hijinks from TIM, who also trades a part of himself for a magical Slumber Rug.
  • Adorned in chaos magic wackiness, TIM successfully communicates with the Slaad, learning of a powerful celestial being who is controlling some of them, and trying to use them to kill us.
  • We survive an attack by a monstrous chaos beast, and destroy the Radiant Idol, freeing the Slaad, and rescuing Feogh.

Level 16

  • Back on our way to Summit Island, we traveled by boat and survived a chase by an enormous devil shark thanks to TIM’s water magic.
  • Landing on the beach we were ambushed by demons. Kaelan’s Ranger magic found a lone humanoid deeper in the island, and we tracked him to a village hidden by illusion magic.
  • The few remaining islanders told us of the arrival of the demons, who destroyed their original village and now occupied the temple we needed to go to.
  • To open the path we had to travel to several different sites and collect the symbols, including the undead-filled village, a marid lord, and an active volcano.
  • With the symbols in hand, we unlocked the door to the Sunken Temple and found the body of the Creator. A dead man’s switch hologram revealed his fate, and set us on our next task to search the Creator’s hidden lair – after we defeated some demon guards and meet Rahmael, celestial leader, who’s also none too pleased with us.
  • However, another Celestial, Moon Dog, has concerns about his leader, and tells us if we find proof of Rahmael’s impurity, the celestials may break apart and leave this place.
  • We left Summit Island via a giant turtle island, and had one last run-in with the devil shark as we made our way to the Creator’s hidden lair.

War for the lost plane recap

Level 17

  • The turtle dropped us off at a cave with a hidden entrance. We defeated some demonic dragons and met the stone giant caretaker.
  • The giant led us to the Under Manor, a miniaturized mansion, now under the control of the Creator’s former familiar, a faerie dragon.
  • The faerie dragon had broken free of the Creator’s control and was normal size – humongous to us! We convinced her to us an hour to search for what we needed.
  • We quickly explored the manor, eventually finding a control room. But pressing one of the buttons took us right to the faerie dragon on the roof for a big boss fight.
  • Defeating the dragon we went back and found a hidden room and discovered the Creator’s memories of his final moments, and revealed that Rahmael and Irathon were working together to take over this world, using the Creator’s staff. We needed his spellbook to stop them.
  • Leaving the Under Manor we were accosted by the celestials. The memory orb was the proof of Rahmael’s deception, and we convinced the celestials to abandon his cause and leave this plane. That just left the demons.

Level 18

  • Our allies and friends we’d made had four the demons’ main base of operation, a dungeon built around a massive portal to hell. We just had to fight our way in and shut it down.
  • With the help of the islanders and slaadi, we stormed the gate. While they distracted the demon forces we slipped inside, surviving lava-walls and demonic generals.
  • We also made some were-bear friends. There were many puns.
  • We defeated the pit lord and shut down the portal, preventing the flow of demons from entering this world.
  • With the angels and demons cut off, all that was left was taking out Irathon and Rahmael, but we still needed the spellbook.

Level 19

  • The good news: Rycresh had located the spellbook. The bad news: it was inside a Godzilla-size creature called the World Ender.
  • We were transported to the desert, where we climbed into a tower and were shot into the beast like a tranquilizer dart. The beast was temporarily subdued, but his immune system was still active.
  • We split the party to quickly cover more ground, battling stomach fleas and antibodies.
  • Team Lung found a friendly zombie that directed them south, while Team Stomach Acid fought everything, with TIM going on his own solo excursion through the bowels.
  • The team rejoined as we made our way to the spellbook. Grabbing it triggered all the antibodies to come after us as the World Ender shook away. We hightailed it up to the mouth.
  • Expelled from the World Ender, we were forced to fight the gigantic monstrosity for a full round before Rycresh teleported us to safety.

Level 20

  • We only had time for a Short Rest. With the spellbook, Rycresh could bring us to Irathon and Rahmael, who were using the staff to try to create their own plane, but in doing so, rip apart all other planes of existence.
  • We fought them head-on, as the staff shunted us through different planes of giant beholders and endless voids. Finally we persevered, destroying them both while TIM’s leech god restored the multiverse and transported us back to our allies at the Spire.

And that’s a wrap! Join us as I return to the DM’s chair for our next campaign, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Session 0 on April 30!


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