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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 19 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 19 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 19 triton Champion Fighter, College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 19 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 19 warforged War Domain Cleric

“Here’s here,” Orner yelled. “I didn’t expect him so soon, we’ll have to hurry. Quickly, into the tower!”

The entire world rumbles as what looks like an entire mountain appears un the distance. Great claws the size of ancient trees churn the ground. An echoing roar chills us to the bone as we strap ourselves into the tower. 

We feel the tower shift as Orner points it at the impossibly large beast. The World Ender.

Scarlet nervously calls out, “Anyone not want to do this anymore?”

Rycresh’s teleportation spell deposited us at the edge of the desert, in front of a tower. A well-dressed goblin-like creature introduced himself as Orner, a scientist who lives in the tower and observes the World Ender. With Orner’s help, we’d be able to make it inside the beast to retrieve the Creator’s spellbook.

Why did the Creator hide his spellbook within a mountain-size, immortal Tarrasque that destroys everything around it? Wizards, man.

We had several hours before the creature would be in range. We leveled up to 19 and identified our new magic items, including some new items that Orner gave us, a forceful crossbow named the Noisy Cricket, and an insect-like mechanical drone that can cast Faerie Fire.

The sword and shield from the demon pit fiend were both powerful magic items, and cursed. TIM accepted the shield but Scarlet refused the aggressive chainsaw-sword, giving it to Gillian. The party spent some time shuffling around magic items, realizing this was probably the last time we’d get a chance to long rest and change our loadouts. Scarlet convened with her god to ask about our chance of success, getting a reassuring pat in return, while TIM’s prayers went unanswered.

After our downtime, Orner strapped us into a needle-like rocket, aimed it at the approaching kaiju, and fired. We slammed into the beast, shaken but alive. As part of our intrusion, we rendered the beast nearly unconscious. Unfortunately we only had about an hour before he woke up, and we had no idea where this book was.

War for the lost plane session 29

Two paths lie before us, one dripping in stomach acid, the other accompanied by howling wind from its lungs. Since time was a factor, we decided to split the party. Kaelan cast his new Water Walk spell as he, TIM, and Scarlet went into the stomach, while Kaelan sent Styx with Kethra and Gillian to explore the lung.

Both groups immediately ran into trouble. Team Stomach Acid walked along the acidic floor without trouble, until a foursome of nasty insect creatures burst out of the green liquid. They caught us off guard as they successfully dragged Kaelan and Scarlet into the acid, biting and slashing with claws and mandibles.

Kaelan would use Misty Step to escape, then use the alternate fire of his Hellfire Crossbows for the first time, shooting a gout of fire into three of them. Scarlet escaped their grip and slashed out with her sword, but went down under a vicious flurry of claws and acid. TIM revitalized her with a Heal spell, and used his Guided Strike divinity to make sure our blows would land and kill the creatures before they ended us.

Meanwhile the other team found themselves surrounded by over a dozen fleshy tendrils that detached from the walls of the lung. Gillian threw the magical Heart of the Idol, successfully charming half of them, while the other half charged and attacked. Kethra saw the numbers and suggested they flee, calling to Styx to grab the heart and for Gillian to follow.

Styx flew in and grabbed the magic item, successfully flying up to the ceiling, ready to rush out of the room, while Gillian grudgingly followed Kethra, who had already made it into the heart and was exploring down yet another path.

The monster’s insides were a labyrinth of ventricles and orifices, we hadn’t the slightest idea where to go, everything wanted to kill us (and was nearly successful already), we’d split the party, and time was running out.


Post-session live discussion:

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