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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 19 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 19 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 19 triton Champion Fighter, College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 19 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 19 warforged War Domain Cleric

Flame shot out of the Hellfire crossbow, engulfing the fleshy creatures. They burn, but continue advancing on Scarlet, striking out with tendrils and claws of sinew. 

I grunt, and follow up with a volley of fire bolts, striking into multiple creatures. One of them explodes, but before I can even smile, the smaller fleshy bits begin to reform into single-tentacle creatures.

“Not helping!” Scarlet yells, as she brings down another column of holy fire. We weren’t going to last much longer without the rest of the team.

The party was split. TIM, Scarlet, and Kaelen had survived the awful bugs and acid of the stomach, while Kethra, Gillian, and Styx had escaped the fleshy tendrils of the right lung.

Kethra reached the heart first, planting her feet when blood came rushing through the ventricles. She explored to the north, through the long tunnel of what appeared to be the trachea, before reaching a large cavern with pillars of yellow and white – the mouth!

In a nearby chamber a raspy voice called out to her. A zombie-like figure dressed in a fine robe introduced himself as Lord Lucius Lockridge. Despite his obviously undead appearance, he was very friendly, and pleased to meet another victim of the creature’s gullet. He had a few zombie friends with him who were less talkative, but still obeyed his orders.

Kethra immediately popped her Ring of Invisibility and pretended to be a friendly ghost. Friendly zombie, meet friendly ghost!

Lord Lucius simply wanted to escape this creature, while Kethra wanted to know about the book we were searching for. He knew where it was located, on the opposite end of the creature.

Meanwhile Team Stomach Acid found themselves in a tunnel leading north and south, with another organ to their west. Not knowing where to go, they headed north, through a chamber flooded with blood. Kaelan still had his Water Walk spell active, but TIM decided to dive under the blood to explore, while Kaelan and Scarlet continued north.

Thus began TIM’s incredible solo journey for the rest of the session, as he emerged in yet another organ. This area was filled with purple fungus. TIM grabbed a magical staff from a decomposing skeleton, and the fungus puffed spores all around him. As a warforged he was immune to its disease, though not the charming effect and resulting poison damage.

War for the lost plane session 30

Scarlet and Kaelan soon reached the heart, but the rushing blood sent Scarlet tumbling right back down the way they came, into the western room they had skipped before. She landed prone as fleshy tendril creatures began forming – the antibodies of the World Ender. Kaelan hurried after her.

Gillian and Styx had caught up to Kethra as she was making friends with the zombie lord. He agreed to help lead them through the creature’s innards to the spellbook, and in exchange we would help him escape. The group formed a conga line of shambling zombies, Kethra in the front (still an invisible ghost) and Gillian in the rear.

They timed the creature’s breathing and heart pumping to avoid getting knocked around, and successfully journeyed all the way to the south, eventually reaching the antibody battle with Kaelan and Scarlet.

Scarlet had taken a severe beating from the antibodies. Her Flame Strike spell along with Kaelan’s Hellfire Crossbow and Lighting Arrow spell proved effective, but every time they slew one, it formed into smaller antibodies and continued the attack. Scarlet backed into the hallway hoping to avoid the largest one, but it split apart into smaller forms in response.

The arrival of Kethra and Gillian was great timing, but there was still one person missing.

TIM had journeyed further away, at one point diving into the swirling, “muck”-filled vortex of the lower intestine before crawling back out, forever stained and smelling. Though at one point he heard fighting close by, he headed in the opposite direction, coming across another organ chamber covered in glowing fungus.

The good news: TIM stumbled upon the organ room with the spellbook, which the rest of the party were being led to. The bad news: as TIM approached, the fungus sprayed sticky acid all over him. Can the others finish their fight and reach him before TIM is dissolved into a foul-smelling puddle?


Post-session live discussion:

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