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Ten years ago, the Ghoul Imperium of the Underworld and the vampires of Morgau marched into Krakova and conquered the kingdom entirely, establishing the Greater Duchy of Morgau and expanding the borders of the Blood Kingdom.

The undead occupation has been kept in check by resistance from the Court-in-Exile, as well as opportunistic reaver dwarves who sailed across the Nieder Straits.

But the hidden machinations of the ghouls swirl beneath the surface. Rumors abound of an even more sinister plot that threatens not just one kingdom, but the entire world of Midgard.

Empire of the Ghouls is designed by Richard Green, and published by Kobold Press. It takes place in Kobold Press’ fantasy world of Midgard.

Chapter 1: Dread Chambers of the Undercity
Episode 3: The Temple of Marena

Active Party:
Alaric, level 2 dhampir Death Domain Cleric
Bahn, level 2 kobold Bard
I/O, level 2 gearforged Circle of the Moon Druid
Lucian, level 2 dhampir Clockwork Soul Sorcerer
Ry, level 2 shadow fey Black Powder Sorcerer

Upon opening the final door of the crypt, the party sees a false wall slowly closing, as a cloaked, masked figure sits hunched on a bronze statue. The gray-skinned man stands protectively in front of his fleeing ally, sneering at these snooping newcomers.

I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care. This is a far as you go.”

He calls upon the dead corpses in nearby caskets, summoning them to spring forth and defend the Imperium. Four skeletons smash their way out of the caskets armed with rusty swords as the cloaked man takes aim with his crossbow.

The party doesn’t flinch as I/O-bear charges into the small crypt, dealing devastatingly powerful bear-attacks against the masked man, including a critical hit!. A follow-up 15-damage Dissonant Whispers from Bahn ends his whole carreer.

So much for that mini-boss fight!

Ironically the skeleton minions hang around a bit longer, including one skeleton who critically hits the bear. But I/O and Alaric stand firm against their attacks, and with help from the sorcerer’s, soon down all the undead creatures.

After the fight they realize the masked man is actually a ghoul! An agent of the Ghoul Imperium, Borys Kruel was sent to help a Red Sister, Felixia, establish a cult beneath the city.

On the surface the Cult of Forbidden Ecstasies is a pleasure/BDSM society designed to attract bored nobles, but beneath it was a front for the Blood Goddess, hoping to influence or blackmail high-ranking Zobeck officials, and keep them away from anything to do with Morgau.

The party learns most of this from a letter found on Kruel’s body, and realize that the secret passage beyond must lead to the cult’s location. The party deliberates, but Alaric is adamant that if there’s a chance to save Rozalyn, they need to move quickly.

They compromise with a Short Rest to recover their wounds from the catacombs, then carefully head into the dark tunnels.

They soon arrive at a flicking torch, a masked guard, a large metal door, and a lumbering ghoul the size of an ogre!

Futzing their stealth check, the party nonetheless makes short work of the pair of enemies, thanks to Ry’s bouncing Chaos Bolt, Alaric’s frightening Memento Mori stun, and another shift to bear form for I/O.

Having obtained a pair of masks and cloaks, and with some Alter Self abilities, the party decides a clandestine approach may work best.

The party suits up (with plans to leave the bear behind until things get hairy), and carefully opens the door.

They are not entirely prepared for what they see next: a massive chamber filled with over a dozen people in the midst of a dark ritual.

A young woman is chained to an altar, while another spins and twirls a spear around her. Everyone is wearing masks and robes and seem intent on this young woman’s harm.

Knowing they don’t have much time, the disguised party creep ever closer into the group, using Stealth or Deception checks to advance.

Bahn suddenly fails a check, as several armed cultists become suspicious. At the same time, Alaric launches a twinned Chill Touch at the spear-wielder and a nearby cultist, and Ry lands a magical Brimstone in the middle of the group — the fight is on!

Empire of the Ghouls chapter 1 episode 3 temple of marena

The room erupts into chaos. Many of the attendees scream and flee, while others pull out swords and crossbows.

Running the show is a scantily dressed woman with pale skin and white hair — Felixia, a Red Sister of the Blood Goddess, and the creator of the cult in Zobeck.

Bahn recognizes the spear-wielding woman as Melancha, a head consul of Zobeck, and his frequent employer! She crumples to the ground after the Chill Touch. When she comes to later, she has no recollection of these heinous events there were about to transpire.

Felixia casts an enthralling spell, temporarily knocking Ry out of the fight, while an incredibly brave Bahn works his way toward the altar to secure Melancha and disarm Felixia of her deadly whip. The Red Sister responds by paralyzing him with Hold Person!

Ry and Bahn are surrounded while Lucian and Alaric fight back, but it’s I/O who drastically changes the fight in their favor.

Morphing back to her gearforged body, she activates the Black Candle she received from the Kobold King, casting Spirit Guardians. Then she morphs back into bear form and charges into the fray!

The effect is immediate: cultists begin dying left and right to the ghostly abominations flitting around them. She spends her next action dashing up to the altar, capturing more enemies in her deadly radius.

Soon all that remains is one cultist (a scout) and Felixia. Felixia surrenders while the scout tries to flee, unsuccessfully. They discover that she was trying to make it to a portal that reaches an abandoned temple on the surface.

The bound woman is Rozalyn, the missing blacksmith’s daughter whom they had been searching for. Both she and Melancha are grateful for the rescue. Though Melancha wants to make sure they get the record straight — wouldn’t want to tarnish her reputation with this sordid mess!

In return, she’ll make sure everyone is rewarded and taken care of.

With Felixia properly captured, the party explores the rest of the temple, finding more information tucked within her bedroom. The Blood Kingdom and the Ghoul Imperium are certainly up to something to risk such brazen exposure, and they hoped to distract Zobeck from whatever they have planned.

For now, the party have earned themselves a nice rest!

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