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Previously on Tomb of Annihilation

Mannix, level 11 Yuan-ti Inquisitive Rogue/Divination Wizard – inhabited by Papazotl
Khaless, level 11 Half-Drow Assassin Rogue – inhabited by I’Jin
Gillian, level 11 Triton Bard of Whispers – inhabited by Unkh
George, level 11 Tortle Battle Master Fighter/Rogue – inhabited by Moa
Therin, level 11 Hill Dwarf Druid of the Moon – inhabited by Obo’laka

Brace yourselves – this is my final recap for our Tomb of Annihilation campaign. A recap of our Epilogue & Recap session, in which we determine what comes next for our heroes, reminisce and discuss the previous two years of gaming, and finally announce our next campaign.

First, some fun stat breakdowns for the campaign:

  • Total Sessions: 86
  • Calendar Length: August 2018 – July 2020
  • Total Time: 250 hours
  • Average Session Length: 2 hours, 50 minutes
  • Perfect Attendance: Tie – Chris and Heather
  • Number of Times We Fell Unconscious (0 hp): 30
  • Most Unconscious: Tie – Mannix (8), Gillian (8)
  • Total Amount of Inspiration Earned: 128
  • Most Inspiration Earned: George (34)
  • Most Voted MVPC (Session 65+): Mannix (8)

In an attempt to cover the entire campaign, I’m breaking down major events and locations by level. For our full discussion and feedback, watch the session!

Level 1

  • Travel from the Sword Coast to Port Nyanzaru aboard the Brazen Pegasus.
  • Meet Undril, get main quest about Soulmonger.
  • Save Xandala from a shipwreck.
  • Run afoul of pirates, appease Aremag, arrive in the city.

Level 2

  • Meet Jungle Guides, hire Azaka.
  • Rescue Inete from a necromancer.
  • Infiltrate Fort Beluarian, somehow succeed despite speculator entrance fail.
  • Defend city from an undead invasion.
  • Race dinosaurs around the city.
  • Learn about Company of the Yellow Banner from Wakanga.


Level 3

  • At Undril’s request, travel down River Soshenstar toward Camp Righteous along with Azaka, Inete, and the tabaxi guides.
  • Survive numerous jungle encounters.
  • Explore the abandoned Camp Righteous, loot the trap-filled mini-dungeon.
  • Hunt down goblins in Yellyark, find and acquire robotic ally VORN.
  • Arrive in Camp Vengeance, find Order of the Gauntlet.

Level 4

  • Defend Camp Vengeance from an undead siege.
  • Travel to the towering plateau of Mbala, scaling cliffs, fighting pterafolk, and defeating the hag on the peak. See several nearby areas to travel to.
  • Travel toward the Heart of Ubtao, discover Dungrunglung.
  • Fight through the maze, rescue prisoners, escape the grung.
  • Escort prisoner to an airship wreck, save survivors.
  • Travel to Yuan-ti temple of Orolunga, defeat Yuan-ti, learn about Omu from the naga oracle.

Level 5

  • Resume traveling to the Heart of Ubtao across the Aldani Basin.
  • Sewn Sisters create a powerful Steel Predator to hunt down the party. Valindra rescues the party from an ambush.
  • Valindra offers the use of her portal to return the party to Port Nyanzaru.
  • Having learned the location of Orolunga and Nangalore, the party can now access the Brazen Pegasus, and a much faster route to Omu.
  • Before leaving via ship, the party travels down to Firefinger to retrieve Azaka’s heirloom.
  • From Port Nyanzaru, the party leaves via the Brazen Pegasus with Hew and Mursharib, getting attacked by pirates and discovering the location of the hidden pirate cove, Jahaka Anchorage.
  • Infiltrate and attack the pirates in Jahaka Anchorage. Wipe out all three pirate captains.
  • Find the nearby Typhoon Palace. Gillian finds her brother’s spirit and his murderer, and completes her personal quest.

Level 6

  • Arrive in Shilku Bay, attacked by Tinder the red dragon. Ship goes down, party washes up ashore.
  • Plump the depths of Wyrmheart Mine, battling Kobolds and racing down the mine cart track. Get revenge on Tinder!


  • Traverse the underground tunnels to Hrakhamar to help Musharib liberate his people from the Firenewts.
  • Long bloody battle with the firenewts, ultimately ending in their surrender. By helping both dwarves, Therin completes his personal quest.

Level 7

  • Travel across the valley toward Omu. Meet Frost Giants. Ally with Frost Giants. Battle Steel Predator with Frost Giants.
  • Meet Artus and Dragonbait. Escape Frost Giants. Arrive in Omu. Battle Frost Giants!
  • Ambushed by Yuan-ti scouts in Omu.
  • Rescue grung prince from vegepygmies, rescue Orvex from zombies. Learn about Red Wizards in Omu, and about dungeon entrance and the shrine cube-keys.
  • Travel around Omu completing shrines, and acquiring cubes.
  • Complete the following shrines: Shagambi, Kubazan, I’Jin, Papazotl, Nangnang.
  • Meet elder tortle warrior – George’s hero. Battle King of Feathers in an epic boss arena. Completes George monster hunting personal quest.
  • Defend grung at Nangnang’s Shrine from Yuan-ti attack. Meet Zagmira, learn about Yuan-ti in Omu.


Level 8

  • Meet Zagmira’s agent Ishmakahl, who helps infiltrate the Fane of the Night Serpent – the Yuan-ti headquarters in Omu.
  • Party splits up several times and explores parts of the Yuan-ti dungeon. Frees Xandala from the prison.
  • Mannix undergoes a ritual to be transformed into a Yuan-ti, while other party members go the long way around the temple to arrive int he throne room.
  • Meet with Ras Nsi. He gives up the cube in exchange for stopping the Soulmonger and retrieving the Black Opal Crown from the Tome of the Nine Gods.
  • Ras Nsi wants Fenthaza dead, and she wants the same for him, but the party avoids confronting either and escapes with the cube.
  • Xandala confronts Artus over the Ring of Winter. Party is torn on whom to help. Artus is disarmed and Xandala flees. Grudgingly the party returns the ring to Artus. Mannix completes his personal quest.
  • Travel to the entrance to the Tomb of the Nine Gods to confront Zagmira and the Red Wizards. Big fight breaks out. Obelisk demon is released. Zagmira escapes, but not before she gives up the cubes.
  • By defeating Zagmira, Khaless is the final party member to complete their personal quest.

Level 9

  • With all nine cubes the party is able to enter the mega-dungeon known as the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Orvex tags along, while Artus and Dragonbait return to the Fane to help free Khoti and the slaves.
  • The party systemically explores each level, gaining trickster god magic items and powers, and acquiring the odd skeleton keys.
  • Therin becomes possessed by Obo’laka, George by Moa, Khaless by Wongo. Mannix is nearly killed by the mummy in Wongo’s tomb.
  • The Slaad in Nangnang’s tomb on level two becomes an annoying thorn in the player’s side, escaping the fight. Mannix becomes possessed by Nangnang, then Papazotl. The slaad acquires Nangnang!
  • The party finds the secret door and battles Withers in his office. George confronts the slaad but the fight ends in a stalemate. The slaad escapes again and George loses one of his magic swords. The party finds the slaad gem in Withers’ office.
  • On level three George becomes cursed by the Yakka skull. When fed with the slaad gem, it screams over to the hiding slaad, cursing it. George takes back his sword and leaves the creature to its fate.
  • Khaless completes I’Jin’s tomb with Mannix’s help, becoming possessed by I’Jin.
  • The party acquires all then crystal eye keys and battle the beholder in another epic boss fight. George is petrified and unable to be restored until the rest of the party long rests.


Level 10

  • On level 4 the party unlocks the mirror of life trapping, fighting everyone inside and rescuing former party members, but then dismissing most of them.
  • Mannix loses an arm to the sphere of annihilation, but gains the Black Opal Crown. It whispers dark things about releasing Dendar.
  • Gillian figures out the unique puzzle of Unkh’s Tomb, allowing herself to be possessed by Unkh (after avoiding Shagambi and Kubazan), and gaining the ability to restore Mannix’s severed arm.
  • The party battles a vengeful, undead Orvex-revenant courtesy of the evil throne room, along with a zombie T-Rex.
  • Paying the gargoyle’s toll, the party descends into the fifth level, quickly figuring out the gear control panel, though also briefly separating the party during a fight.
  • The party completes a series of skill challenges with exotic monsters in magical dimensional armoirs. They grab the final skeleton key and descend to level six.
  • In level six the party completes another series of trials to unlock the keyholes in the skeleton gate.
  • The Sewn Sisters attack, revealing the rescued allies were clones they had created. The party focuses on the night hags, defeating them, and unlock the final gate.

Level 11

  • The final room reveals a massive undead baby-god being fed by the Soulmonger. The party destroys the soulmonger, and Acererak appears to lay down the hurt.
  • The party’s trickster gods keep them alive with they fall, and helping them take down the Atropal. Acererak flees, the party escapes.


Mannix: Resurrects Therin back in the city, calling them even from all the times Therin resuscitated him. Desires to sell the Black Opal Crown on the black market. Takes a liking to plundering treasure from the jungle, and remains in Chult to continue exploring. Hunted by the Yuan-ti.

Khaless: When the party escaped the dungeon via the portal. Acererak was seen grabbing Khaless, declaring that her power could prove useful. No one has seen her since.

George: Legends tell of a terrifying ninja tortle with stalks the jungles of Chult, hunting down the grung in a genocidal quest of extermination. He is the nightmare the grung tell their children. In years to come, the grung population dwindles so much that the entire race becomes a myth.

Gillian: The only party member to voluntarily leave Chult, Gillian returns to the sea to release her brother’s spirit from the flying monkey it had possessed. Her knowledge and experience with Chult allows her to set up diplomatic relations and trade routes between her people and Port Nyanzaru.

Therin: Having been disintegrated by Acererak, Therin is grudgingly grateful to get resurrected back in the city. Despite his initial wish to hunt down the remaining undead in Chult, Therin tags along with Mannix as the two continue adventuring for lost treasure.

The End! We’ll be taking several weeks before beginning our next campaign on August 14. Thank you all so much for going on this incredible journey with us.

Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern!

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