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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

Lord Roaringhorn met us in the meeting room. The estate was swarming with richly dressed people arriving for the party.

I was impressed with the diversity. Every race in Faerun was here for the gala. They laughed, giggled, and smiled while people around the world suffered from the Giants. I reminded myself we were here for a good cause.

“This way my friends, this way!” Lord Roaringhorn waved his arms as if to sweep us up. We looked at each other awkwardly. Korinn and Bryseis wore beautiful, expensive dresses. The Dragonborn’s dress looked ready to burst from her muscular physique. 

The rest of us remained in our armor, robes, and leathers. These days we always expected the worst.

We heard the sounds of voices and music as we approached the large doors to the feasting hall. Lord Roaringhorn threw them open with a flourish, and all eyes of the Neverwinter nobility turned toward us.

“Ladies and gentleman,” Lord Roaringhorn began, “I present to you, the Saviors of Nightstone, the Defenders of Ten Towns…the Graham Cracker Crew!”

This week was another session of logistics and role-playing as we completed our initiation quest for the Harpers, gained access to their Teleportation Circles, and immediately used them to travel halfway across the world to Neverwinter.

We discovered what the Fire Giants had been using the goblins to dig out last session: a large metallic object buried in water and earth inside a giant crater. It clearly had some sort of religious significance.

Unfortunately it was huge and heavy, and we were unable to excavate it. We did the next best thing and reburied it, hopefully at least slowing them down.

Snigbat, our old goblin ally, informed us that the Giants had access to a divining rod that had discovered it. Which means the Giants would be back.

We suggested that Snigbat and the goblins make their way South to the High Forest. Giants were terrorizing all of Faerun but they seemed to steer clear of heavily forested regions. We gave them some rations and bid them good luck.

d&dWe used Korinn’s Bag of Holding to help transport the gold pieces the Giants had stolen back to Hawk’s Nest.

Lord Pylan was ecstatic at our return with the town’s wages. He was so happy he offered to host us all for dinner, which provided a fun little role-playing scenario for us and his adventurer-hopeful young daughters.

Afterwards he gave us each a free hippogriff. Nice! With all the travel we’ve been doing in this campaign we can definitely appreciate the immediate upgrade.

We took to the skies and landed on top of Moongleam tower back in Everlund, striding into Krowen’s office to report our success. Krowen was annoyed (jealous?) at our receiving the hippogriffs, but pleased we completed our task.

The teleportation circles were now open to us. We could travel to any of the cities on the network. Sorry hippogriffs, now we have an even better travel plan! It was bad timing that we had just gotten such cool mounts only to have to leave them in Everlund while we teleported hundreds of miles to Neverwinter.


We’re running low on quests, with the only two places of note being Goldenfields and Neverwinter. We opted for the latter based on the note Bryseis found in Xelan’s office. The Weevil was due to arrive in Neverwinter around this time, and we wanted to be there.

The Harpers in Neverwinter had no leads on any Zhentarim safehouses however, so we had to pursue our other quest: meeting with Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn.

Lord Roaringhorn had been throwing a number of grand parties and galas for the Neverwinter nobility in order to raise money for rebuilding efforts in cities devastated by Giant attacks. Since we had witnessed first-hand the destruction in Bryn Shander, Luskan, and Triboar, we agreed to be his guests of honor. He agreed to sponsor us if we “performed well.”

What followed was an awkward, but funny scenario at the Roaringhorn Gala. The DM had us roll Initiative and presented various role-playing scenes one at a time.


The scenes involved rich people mostly trying to get us to dance like proverbial monkeys on a leash. Bryseis ended up with the least offensive one, as an older man talked military tactics. Halfred tried to hit on Zelraun’s girlfriend, providing the highlight of the evening with a very horny scene involving his weird grabber arm. T.I.M. awkwardly danced with a woman, Korinn disarmed a creepy pick-up artist, and Kazin refused to show off (then slightly teased) his telepathy to a bunch of giggling women.

I’m not entirely sure where we’re going with this scenario (we joked that it’s leading to an orgy). It can be a fun change of pace to let loose with some silly role-playing within a structured environment, but we kind of just had that with the dinner at Hawk’s Nest. Hopefully this gala will lead us to tackling some more Zhentarim, or give us our next lead into the Giants.

Streamed, recorded and uploaded every week. Subscribe for our weekly adventures. Join us live on Fridays at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern!