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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

The mechanical monstrosity that called itself The Sculptor emerged from Halfred’s smoke, clawed arms slashing wildly as our sorcerers’ arcane Shields sprang up in defense.

Korinn ran to the side, taking a deep gash from a claw that cracked open her Shield, and fired a lightning bolt through it, causing its crystal chassis to thrum, and exploding the gigantic warforged guardian behind it.

I charged forward, my Phantom pike still glowing with channeled psychic energy. I attempted to reach out with my mind as I stabbed, searching for anything to disturb, but finding nothing but a single immovable will.

I switched tactics, stabbing again, this time channeling all my psychic energy into raw, lancing pain. I was greeted with the crystal shell cracking before my onslaught.

Bryseis followed up by firing a heated ray directly into the cracked shell, melting the suspended skeleton inside. The creature spent its death throes bemoaning its uncompleted work before crashing to the ground, crystal and bones scattering to dust.

In the 2nd floor of the Sculptor’s Tower one final orb puzzle lay before us. This one had six slots and required all of our acquired colored orbs. We quickly deduced that we had to use the plaques that had been popping up after previously completed puzzles, denoting orb locations.

The puzzle proved tricky until one of us succeeded on a single Investigation roll, letting us place a single orb. From there Korinn and Bryseis worked their magic (by which I mean opening MS Paint and using deductive reasoning) to solve the puzzle, while the rest of us stared on glassy-eyed.

The completed puzzle opened the doorway to the final set of stairs leading up. We Short Rested and prepared a few buffs. A single rescued prisoner opted to help fight with us, Hrothgar the dwarf, and Halfred handed over Flametongue for him to wield. Then Halfred stealthily advanced up the stairs as our vanguard.

He rolled a 21, but the DM rolled a 22 on Perception and spotted him. Roll for Initiative!


We were in an awkward position. Hallways flanked either side of the staircase, resulting in a dangerous bottleneck. As if on cue, a warforged mage cast Cloudkill right on top of us! Thankfully T.I.M. rolled a crit on his Dispel Magic check, dissipating the spell before any of us took any damage.

Halfred was also doing work. As the first of us up the stairs he fired a bola arrow into the warforged guardian, restraining it, then a smoke arrow into the middle of the room, concealing both it and the Sculptor.

The Sculptor was the entity behind the entire warforged operation, ripping away souls and putting them in construct bodies. It was a skeleton encased in crystal, with mechanical arms and legs. It was completely awesome looking, and it spoke in an unsettling robotic sing-song voice (think Portal).

We awkwardly charged up the stairs, Korinn firing a Lightning Bolt across the room, and Kazin slashing out with his channeled pike. The brawler fell.

Bryseis unleashed a Fireball into the middle of the room (sorry Halfred!), burning everything, including the webs that Halfred had cast.

I’m fairly certain between the bolas, smoke, and webs, the guardian never got off a single attack. Crowd Control for the win, nice job Halfred!

D&DAfter the devastating Fireball it was a simple matter of mopping up the rest. The Sculptor finally emerged from the fog cloud and swung wildly with its four claws, but our Sorcerers used Shield to deflect most of the blows. Korinn fired another Lightning Bolt and Kazin stabbed with his pike, cracking the glass crystal. Bryseis finished it off with a scorching laser right through the middle.

Another one bites the dust! Literally the nifty crystal skeleton portions crumbled to dust. I think we might’ve pocketed some.

The warforged factory was completely dismantled. We later learned that because we had destroyed the demon on the floor below in the previous session, the Sculptor had been weakened, giving us a slight edge in the battle. Funny enough Hrothgar never got to use a single attack, but he sure was proud to hilariously wave Flametongue around excitedly.

At the end of the tower we found T.I.M.’s missing shield, completing the set, as well as a final note from the Sculptor, proclaiming that T.I.M. was its most successful project, but it was unable to replicate since he had escaped.

We left the tower and leveled up to 11. Bryseis identified a pair of Bracers of Defense that she had pried off the Sculptor, as well as a Wondrous Figurine (Giant Owl) we had found in the library floor.

We hopped on our hippogriffs and flew back to Everlund, and from there teleported to Waterdeep, where we instantly met up with Felgolos.

Felgolos was still on board with our plan: for him to ferry us across hundreds of miles of ocean to reach The Whale Bones, and a certain ship which may be holding the Storm Giant King.

Since we’re all flush with cash from looting the Storm Giants, we opted to purchase a smallish ship and modify it so Felgolos could carry it, and us, without us having to literally cling to his back for several days (hello CON saves and Exhaustion).

In a single day’s work we strapped the keelboat to Felgolols’, uh, undercarriage, creating a living dragon zeppelin. Onward to what may be our final adventure in Storm King’s Thunder!

Streamed, recorded and uploaded every week. Subscribe for our weekly adventures. Join us live on Fridays at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern!