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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

The damn fish-monsters were not only keeping pace with the ship, but hurtling harpoons up at us with terrifying accuracy.

I winced as a harpoon sliced through one of my psychically manifested duplicates. The wince turned into a gasp as another harpoon embedded into my shoulder, wrenching me off the boat.

I cried out as I slammed into the rushing water. Within seconds a gigantic shadow descended above me, wings blocking out the mid-day sun.

I couldn’t hear what Felgolos was saying over the rushing water, but I understood his intentions. Mustering all my strength I reached out, grabbing onto one of the severed ropes that still hung from his body, the remains of our makeshift airship.

I was airlifted out of the water, and the merrow screamed in fury.

Sometimes we go for the subtle, sneaky approach, splitting the party and skipping almost entire dungeons.

Other times we go hard.

When you’re strapped to the underbelly of a dragon, flying over the ocean, and approaching a ship full of baddies, you go hard.

After some goofy jokes regarding some of the more uncomfortable circumstances of a nonstop 2-day flight in close quarters, we finally sighted The Whale Bones. We knew that a large ship, The Morkoth, was constantly sailing around them. And we had reason to believe it held the Storm King himself.

We opted to stay in the air and look for the ship. Felgolas (and T.I.M.) soon spotted it coming right at us, followed by a volley of cannonballs! We made the quick decision to dive right in.

Felgolos tucked in his wings like a hawk diving for a rabbit. Cannons zipped past us. As we got closer one finally struck home, severing one of the straps that attached our makeshift boat to our dragon friend. The boat tilted dangerously but we hung on.

When we finally got close, all hell broke loose.


Halfred shot a Smoke Arrow from an impressive distance, blanketing the cannons, and Korinn followed up with a Cloudkill to begin choking the clustered pirates and Kraken Society cultists.

Bryseis took to her broom and used Animate Object on the nearest ballista, taking out a nasty weapon and adding an ally to our ranks in a single move! Kazin and T.I.M. leapt onto the ship just before they slammed into the side, Kazin screaming for Felgolos to pull up.

The dragon saved himself but our little airship was destroyed as it crashed into the side of the ship.

We engaged the various pirates and kraken scions on the deck of the ship, the sorcerers flinging lightning and fire, turning most of the crew into fried corpses.

The half-orc captain finally turned his attention to us, yelling for reinforcements from below deck as he brandished his poisoned blades.

Instead, the water around us churned, spewing out half a dozen Merrow armed with harpoons. They managed to hook Halfred, but his flying boots (followed by a bola arrow) prevented him from going underwater.

While Kazin engaged the captain, his Mirror Image dupes helped deflect a number of harpoon blows – until they didn’t. Kazin was dragged overboard, slamming into the water.


Felgolos turned his attention away from frying fish-men and dove to grab Kazin, who grabbed one of the severed ropes still hanging from the dragon. Airlift please!

The Merrow proved painful, but soon they were the only enemies remaining. Kazin got his revenge when one of them attempted to climb aboard the ship. My Polearm Master feat let me attack it when it got close, killing it as soon as showed its reared its ugly head above the ship’s edge.

The enemies on the deck were defeated. We hadn’t taken too many hits but had blown through a number of spell slots, and we knew the ship still held more foes below. At least they won’t have cannons.

Streamed, recorded and uploaded every week. Subscribe for our weekly adventures. Join us live on Fridays at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern!