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I’ve reviewed dozens of third party 5e Feywild supplements and adventures over the years, including some damn good ones. Yet I can easily declare Feywild Companion the new leader of the pack.

The Feywild Companion (which originally launched in 2021 — oops!) features new lineages, subclasses, spells, magic items, optional rules, beasts, encounters, and even a mid-length adventure, all within a well-realized theme, and a high-quality package.

Feywild Companion offers an amazing amount of content for players and DMs. Players receive three new lineages (races), 13 new subclasses (one per class), two new backgrounds, and over a dozen spells and feats.

The fey-themed lineages feel a tad over-tuned. The feybound can sense creatures without limit, re-do any dice roll once per long rest, and trigger wild magic surges. On the other hand they lack the normal ability score increases, so perhaps it balances out.

The subclasses and magic items are the most exciting stuff for players.

The Calligrapher Artificer weaves magical effects by writing words (whether on paper or in the air), the Bard College of Seasons can use Bardic Inspiration to activate seasonal song effects. The Cosmic Caller Ranger can gain an unusual beast companion, and the Reveler Rogue is… a functional alcoholic?

Magic items include summoning fey from a bottle, a magic deck of cards with tons of different boons and curses, and an axe that can build charges to unleash big attacks. This section also features over a dozen magical flowers and a d100 table of trinkets.

feywild barbarian

DMs can make use of new optional rules, a delightful bestiary, and impressive encounters and adventures.

Optional rules include tables for Fey Portals, and instructions for adding magical glamours to monsters, or altering their size. Tiny How about a gargantuan butterfly, or a tiny tyrannosaurus? I love a weird, unsettling Feywild, and that theme continues throughout the awesome bestiary.

The bestiary includes over a dozen fey and fey-adjacent creatures — and every single one of them lists multiple adventure hooks for ideas on how to use them. Nice!

The dreamfish (CR 3) can ensnare victims with its charm spells. The glasswail (CR 2) is a sentient stained glass window construct that can blind foes and explode into painful shards. The faenorn (CR 21) is the lich of fey, and a true master of the realm, capable of 9th level spellcasting, multiple concentrations, and easily stunning foes with its mindgrab attacks. And the massive CR 25 Geinus Loci is basically Te Kā from Moana!

DMs can also enjoy half a dozen well-scripted encounters, two longer adventures (though one of them is basically just a slightly extended encounter), and a detailed new Feywild domain.

I’m a big fan of the encounters and adventures. The designers clearly have a great handle on what a Feywild adventure should include, and what themes to touch on, while still providing a variety of genre styles. Bargain with phase spiders, survive a dance-off with satrys, save a town that’s trapped to repeat a festival, and impress a group of fey lords in an impromptu talent show.

The new Feywild domain and the longer adventure, “The Feywild Hunt,” are the most impressive parts of an already very impressive book.

feywild domain dualis

The Feywild domain of Dualis is all about reflections, echoes, and clones. For everyone who enters Dualis, it generates a reflection of that person on the other side of the realm. Tons of awesome story applications we could use with that! Dualis has a regional map reminiscent of Prismeer from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, with many fun adventure locations (and many smartly use the new creatures from this book!).

The Lord of Reflections is given the same detailed history that we’d expect from Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, including a built-in main quest of gathering the pieces of his slain reflection to turn them against him. Love it!

“The Feywild Hunt” is a mid-size adventure designed for level 5-8. The premise isn’t exactly original; in fact it’s the single most common plot thread I’ve seen for Fey-themed adventures: missing townsfolk in a small village near a forest!

But the back half of the adventure pays off in amazing ways. The investigation leads to the kidnapping fey, which leads to the Feywild. The party become entwined with a gruesome hunt a la The Most Dangerous Game, where they can choose to participate and hunt down the transformed townsfolk — or take their place.

I love that we get a chance to mingle with the eclectic group of hunters before the hunt, including the daughter of the Queen of Air and and Darkness, a talking phase spider who wears a pith helmet and four monocles, and a melodramatic eladrin lord who TALKS like THIS!

The hunt then plays out over a series of well-written encounters and events, ending with the party dealing with the Queen herself!

The 150-page book is a joy to read, and gorgeous to look at thanks to some breathtakingly wonderful art. Art accompanies every magic item, subclass, lineage, and monster, along with incredible full page art, and VTT-ready full color battle maps. As someone who primarily runs D&D digitally, there are precious few DMs Guild books I would want to have physicals copies of, and this is one of them.

I cannot say enough good things about Feywild Companion. If you’re all interested in running a Feywild adventure or quest, or simply desiring some Fey creatures or subclass options, you absolutely need this book.


  • Interesting and well-designed new subclasses, magic items, and lineages inspired by the Feywild.
  • Detailed information on a new Feywild realm, Dualis, including its history, denizens, and Lord.
  • Over a dozen intriguing Fey creatures, each with adventure hooks.
  • A fun variety of well-scripted Fey encounters.
  • “Feywild Hunt” is a perfectly paced Fey-themed adventure.
  • Professional design with beautiful artwork.


  • None!

The Verdict: The Feywild Companion grants players interesting new lineages, spells, and subclasses, while DMs can enjoy well-designed creatures, encounters, and even a medium-length adventure, resulting in the most comprehensive and useful Feywild-themed supplements on the DMs Guild.

A review copy of “Feywild Companion” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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