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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

All the dragonborn, blue and white together, respected Korinn’s new leadership role, immediately recognizing the armband she had taken from Rygen. I’d never seen her so confident and commanding.

Despite their animosity and history, the blues and whites agreed to join their dwindling forces together, there in the Great Worm Cavern. Survival can be an excellent motivator. 

I approached the altar in the cavern, reaching out with my mind. As I got closer, the mysterious disembodied voice responded. “Welcome back, mortal. I no longer sense the corruption on these dragonborn.”

“There were some…complications,” I replied. “But everyone’s safe now.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” The statue shimmered and vibrated as the ghostly form of a feathered serpent materialized out of it. The gathered dragonborn stood with mouths agape as the couatl nodded its head respectfully. “Look back upon the gong and take your prize.”

I glanced over at the ancient gong. Where once had been a missing indentation, there was now a length of bone inscribed with a glowing rune. The final Ostorian relic.

This week we wrapped up our battle with the summoned ice golems at the dragonborn camp, then officially united the two warring tribes. Our reward was the final Ostorian relic we could use to gain entrance to the Eye of the All-Father.

The Ice Golem battle proved lengthy. There was a funny bit where they gradually grew in power and strength as our DM read more of their abilities – and kept up with their damaging ice aura. They had a mess of hit points, resistance to magic, and did automatic cold damage to everyone around them.

We had a small dragonborn army. Sadly most of the units were CR 1/8 cannon fodder, and were dying left and right, much to Korinn’s shock. She ordered them to pull back as we focused on the last two remaining ice golems. The action economy was vastly on our side, and Bryseis took advantage of their vulnerability to fire with a Fireball.


The real MVP was her polymorphed T-Rex, which did insane amounts of damage. Despite falling over and constant cold damage she was able to maintain concentration for it throughout the entire battle, and it loved chomping on the big walking snow cones.

With the golems and warforged mage down, T.I.M. was able to save a few of the dragonborn who had been knocked out instead of killed. We buried the dead and waited for the scouting party to return, informing them of what had gone down.

Korinn was now their leader. It was a relatively easy matter of telling them how it was going to be. We marched them back to the Great Worm Cavern to make amends with the beleaguered white dragonborn tribe.

Tensions were high, as we suspected, but both tribes respected Korinn’s leadership, and the fact that the blues had been enthralled by our ancient blue dragon foe. With both tribes now decimated we suggested they band together for survival, and to remain in hiding away from the blue dragon’s evil influence should she deign to return.

d&DI approached the altar searching for the mysterious voice, and it responded. It was pleased that we had managed to save (most of) the dragonborn and cleanse their evil.

The statue shimmered into that of a couatl. It gestured toward the gong where our final relic now lay, a bone with an engraved rune. I took the Bone of the Uven Rune.

We still had one problem: Harshnag, our frost giant ally, never showed. He was supposed to meet us here. We Long Rested but still no sign of him, and Halfred’s Primeval Awareness sensed no giants within five miles.

The Eye of the All-Father was just a few days away, and the dragonborn knew a relatively safe route to get there. After some deliberation we recruited a few of them as guides and set off toward the west, hoping that maybe Harshnag had just gone ahead to the temple for some reason. Halfred was worried something had happened.

His worry would prove prophetic. We approached the hidden giant Temple along an imposing natural bridge over a chasm. Halfred’s giant sense felt more than a dozen giants below us. He used his winged boots to check it out, and spotted a full ship full of frost giants docked below. He sensed another, smaller pack of giants ahead of us.

At the huge temple entrance we could see flickering light within. We spotted a pair of Stone Giants flanking Harshnag, who was on his knees, arms bound while a pair of frost giants lorded over him. Seems we already have our work cut out for us!

Streamed, recorded and uploaded every week. Subscribe for our weekly adventures. Join us live on Fridays at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern!