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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

We had a brief respite in Waterdeep after the battle at Goldenfields. I was planning on resting for much of the day, but curiosity got the better of me when I noticed Korinn and Bryseis slinking out the tavern door, giggling and whispering.

I followed them to the North Ward, my curiosity turning to nervous dread as Bryseis applied a disguise to Korinn, transforming our blue dragonborn white. When Korinn subtlety cast her Creation spell, a diamond appeared in her hand, and I knew exactly what they were up to.

I glanced around nervously but Korinn deftly played the part of the bubbly noblewoman, going so far as to drop the gem near the feet of her mark. To his credit the young man was unperturbed at the sight of a noble dragonborn. Korinn had picked her target well.

The two exchanged pleasantries, and Korinn laid her charm on thick. I caught myself nearly laughing out loud when she mentioned donating the gem to an orphanage.

The fool offered to buy it off her using all the money he had on him. Korinn tried to hide her anxiety as we both felt the clock ticking on her illusion spell. Bryseis waltzed up, her magical hood held up high, playing the part of her secretary or handmaiden. It was getting more difficult to stifle my laughter.

Astonishingly the man paid out hundreds of gold pieces right there in the middle of the street, and the women comically fast-walked out of there. Just as they turned the corner I could hear the young man began to shout, and I ran after them.

This week was more of a logistical episode as we finally returned to the main quest. Or what I thought was the main quest path, only to receive what looks like a very major side quest involving the Weevil, some pirates, and the K Society.

After the epic session-long war at Goldenfields, the surly Dinayla was ready to call it quits. She dropped her decent loot and took off, with Bryseis firing a Magic Missile at her for good measure. The townsfolk were pleased and we got to be heroes once again, bidding them farewell as we returned to Waterdeep after a much needed Long Rest.

In Waterdeep the ladies had a bit of impromptu fun. Since taking the Creation spell at level 9, Korinn had been wanting to pull a con involving selling a illusory gem that she could conjure. The catch was that the gem would only last ten minutes.


What followed was a hilarious sketch were she and Bryseis found a foppish nobleman and sold the poor bastard the fake gem for the jaw-dropping sum of 700 gold! For comparison I have about 200 gold on me (Heather tells me that Bryseis has about 2k now, so apparently I just haven’t been hoarding it. Stupid armor).

The women split the money and managed to escape the scene before the gem disappeared. It was greatness.

We used the Harper teleportation network to finally check in with Krowen, our main Harper contact, in Everlund. Krowen was cranky as always, seemingly dismissive of all the work we’d been doing gathering the Giant relics, surviving the All-Father temple, and learning about the Maelstrom, the dragon, and the magical conch shells.

D&DHe claimed his problems were more immediate: the Weevil had escaped. This we knew, since we had already spoken to Miri. The Weevil had been sending in reports of the K Society’s activities in the Sword Coast, apparently allying with local pirates. But his last note was bolted to Krowen’s front door, which totally freaked him out.

The bastard escaped our clutches after we let him live. He had provided us with useful intel but now he was free and up to no good. Normally that still wouldn’t compare to the ongoing giant crisis, but then Krowen mentioned he had a lead. The Weevil was last seen on a pirate ship headed to a series of islands not far from the coast of Waterdeep, a ship that was working for the K society.

We’ve had run-ins with the K Society before, involving an Aboleth’s attempted takeover at Yartar.

Kazin in particular has reason to go after them. According to Klauth, they infiltrated his Mind-Zei monastery and either slaughtered or enslaved all his former mentors and classmates. His former lover and fellow Mind-Zei acolyte had also joined them, causing further personal strife. I believe they also captured Halfred’s mentor, Wuce Bwayne.

I asked Krowen what was more pressing, going after this pirate base or assaulting the Cloud Giant castle. Krowen suggested the pirates were more timely, and I figured that was as close to asking the DM as we could get. So we telerpoted back to Waterdeep, hopped on a boat commissioned by the Harpers, and made the two-day journey onto a small island.

The island was barely a floating rock, just a few miles long. It took no time to find the cave system the pirates were using. With Korinn’s Invisibility we could see they were in the middle of a celebration. Apparently a series of rituals were nearing completion.


The K Society doesn’t fuck around, and we didn’t feel like taking any chances. We rolled up on them with all the fire and fury we could muster. Korinn launched a devastating Lighting Bolt right into the heart of the room, disintegrating several pirates and robed figures. Bryseis followed up with an equally devastating Fireball. Within seconds, everything in the room was dead or dying.

In the next room some figures in bed rolls began to stir. T.I.M. wasted no time, dashing into the cave with his Blasting Hammer held high. They were up by the time he reached them, slashing ineffectually at his armor. He brought the hammer down, exploding bodies around him into a red paste.

The pirate lair was a grim sight by the time Halfred and Kazin entered. Everyone was mopping up the final stragglers in the initial rooms, while Kazin noticed a red curtain dividing a northern room. The ominous buzzing in his head continued to ring as he pushed it aside.

Another room lay beyond, filled with a pool. Within the pool an odd creature looked back. It was elongated and arm-less, with a tail that stretched into the murky water, and large gills on its face. It spoke to Kazin using its mind, recognizing Kazin’s own mind power. Kazin wasn’t about to play around with these creatures, knocking it back with an Eldritch Blast and drawing his weapon.

We had to call our session here, since I foolishly started a whole new fight! Our shock and awe strategy seems to be working out well here, and hopefully we can keep it up.

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