D&D 5e War for the Lost Plane Session 0: Character Introduction

D&D 5e lost plane

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T.I.M., level 13 Warforged Domain of War Cleric
Kethra, level 13 Half-elf Assassin Rogue
Gillian, level 13 Triton Champion Fighter/Bard College of Lore
Scarlet, level 13 Human Paladin, Oath of Devotion
Kaelan, level 13 Tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock

War for the Lost Plane is our next big adventure, with some major differences from our previous campaigns. Chris returns to the DM’s chair for a high-level, homebrewed adventure.

Before we introduce (or re-introduce) our player characters, here’s a quick rundown of the new campaign:

  • Level 13 – 20 campaign.
  • Set in homebrewed planar world, featuring a war between fiends and celestials.
  • Inter-planar travel spells won’t work here!
  • Starring player characters from previous campaigns.
  • Phandelver-size campaign (months instead of years).
  • New house rules:
    • d20 table for Critical Fumbles.
    • Flanking is now per-DM, only works if a PC is directly behind an enemy.


Last seen in Storm King’s Thunder, T.I.M. was a multi-class Fighter-Cleric of the Light Domain. This time around he’s been rebuilt as a full Cleric, with the War Domain.

T.I.M. is a leech-loving healer whose soul was displaced into a construct. He always means well, even if his leech-themed spells are a bit gruesome.


In Lost Mine of Phandelver and Princes of the Apocalypse Kethra was an Arcane Trickster Rogue who specialized in tricking and duping her enemies to put them at a severe disadvantage – or kill them entirely.

For this campaign, she’s been rebuilt as an Assassin Rogue – but check out that Deception modifier!


You probably remember deepwater diva Gillian from our recent Tomb of Annihilation campaign. She was a full bard (College of Whispers) and a heavy spellcaster.

Gillian’s undergone a major change in the off season. Mostly push-ups. Now she’s a multi-class Champion Fighter (5) and Bard College of Lore (8), charging into battle with a greataxe and trident!


If you haven’t watched any of our one-shot adventures you won’t recognize our sweet Southern Belle Scarlet. Scarlet is a veteran of no fewer than four of those one-shots, and quickly became the party leader and fan-favorite.

Scarlet jumped up in levels, and continues along her path of being a pure Oath of Devotion Paladin.


Since I usually DM, I don’t get a chance to play too many characters. While I enjoyed playing Kazin in Storm King’s Thunder, I jumped at the chance to create a new character for this campaign.

Enter Kaelan, a dual crossbow-wielding demon hunter who’s part demon! He’s a multiclass Monster Slayer Ranger (8) and Fiend Warlock (5), with Pact of the Chain. To be a better hunter of fiends, Kaelan bound himself to a demon, an Imp named Styx. Styx teases and mocks the serious hunter constantly, but the pair work well together.

Watch the live stream of building Kaelan from level 1 to 13 here!

What do you think of our party? Sound off in the comments on YouTube, or in our Discord server.


Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

Chat with us in the Discord server and support my channel via Patreon!

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