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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 14 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 14 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 14 triton Champion Fighter/College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 14 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 14 warforged War Domain Cleric

I led them through the forest. A living forest, very much aware of our presence. The warforged, TIM, tried shouting at it, only to get a mass of barbed vines waving in his face. “Calm,” I reminded, as if speaking to unruly children.

We’d survived a night and a day in here, and I was not about to be killed because these fools wanted to poke and prod.

Muttering to myself, I turn a corner, stopping suddenly in my tracks. A red-skinned woman is floating off the ground in front of us. Her lower half is a mass of writhing tentacles, and she’s armored in black iron.

When she speaks, her voice barely raises above a whisper, yet echoes ominously through the woods. 

“Hello there little mortals, it’s lovely to meet you,” says the demon. “I am Irathon. What might your names be? And what exactly are you doing here?”

My hands fly to my crossbows and aim them at her head. I whisper one word in response, not taking my eyes off her. “Demon!”

We reached level 14 after our completion of the Verdant Spire. We learned that the world we had been summoned to, Anonyma, was a special refugee world of multiple planes and exotic creatures. But the planar master of the domain had gone missing, and now the world is being invaded by angels and demons.

Our only lead was to track down the master’s lover, a genocidal druid living in a forest far north of us. We set out on foot (Scarlet on her celestial unicorn) accompanied by Rycresh the teleporting cat and Feogh the short hairy man.

Our first few days of travel gave us a taste of the world’s exoticism, while reinforcing that perhaps not everything wants to kill us on sight.

A field of flowers proved suspicious as we trudged through them, spraying pollen that threatened to put us all to sleep. We easily shrugged off the effects, throwing Feogh’s peacefully sleeping body on the back of Scarlet’s steed.

Gillian’s Tiny Hut proved invaluable in keeping us safe and secure while traveling over forests and grasslands. At one point while camping we felt an alarming rumbling beneath us. Rycresh brushed it off, claiming it was the the “World Ender” a creature who makes its domain in the desert to the east. As long as we don’t have to go there, we should be fine. Chekov’s desert, me thinks.

Before crossing the river we bid farewell to Feogh. His plan is to continue along the coast toward the Slaad cave to ask for their help during our current world-threatening crisis. Will we ever see him again?

We used the Folding Boat we were given to cross the wide river north, noting a flock of flying creatures far overhead.

Across the river lie the One Wood, which our companions had warned us about. A singular living forest that was known to defend itself if threatened.

As a ranger, Kaelan carefully began leading the group through the forest, avoiding so much as stepping on a vine. The creepy forest held no beasts or bugs, nor a single fallen branch.

Many of our party were curious however. TIM used Thaumaturgy to shout at a group of vines in his way. The vines snapped into attention like snakes, flaring barbed ends and waving menacingly in his face. Scarlet tried to pat them in a reassuring manner, but they sliced at her hand.

Kaelan played den mother and urged the party to be responsible and not to touch anything. Leave only footprints! We camped for the evening, unable to use the Hut in the cramped quarters, or even a campfire, but thankfully were left undisturbed.

The next day we continued traveling through the One Wood, turning a corner to find a hovering figure. A red humanoid, female, with writhing tentacles in the lower half of her body. We froze, and she calmly introduced herself as Irathon. 

Some of us recognized the name as the leader of the demon army invading this plane, but it didn’t take a scholar to see a powerful demon in front of us. 

Kaelan drew his crossbows and used his Hunter’s Sense, but perceived nothing. Was she not really here?

Irathon asked us who we were and what we were doing here. Scarlet began explaining the situation in her usual gregarious way. Kaelan whispered not to talk to the demon.

Surprising us all, Kethra strode forward and with an odd swagger, claiming we were famous interdimensional chefs summoned to cook food.

Irathon was a bit confused, but her purpose was undeterred – she knew we were summoned for a reason, and offered us a deal to help her. She revealed the reason they were here. Anonyma held unique planar travel powers. Anyone in control could transport entire armies at a whim. For example, emptying Avernus of all the demons and invading other planes.

That finally got Scarlet’s attention. With a friendly smile still on her face she drew her sword, radiant light beaming off of it, and Kaelan fired his crossbows, sailing right through her illusory body. 

The demon general sighed disappointingly and waved her hands as several large winged demons dropped down, some with sharp barbs and other wielding greataxes, and each carrying a smaller dog-like demon. Next session, we battle!

Voted MVPC – TIM

Post-session live discussion:

Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

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