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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to our DM traveling for Thanksgiving Holiday our session next week has been moved to SATURDAY, November 25.

We carefully walked through the lengthy dark tunnel under the mountains. We weren’t expecting any danger but you can never be too cautious when approaching a dragon’s lair, let alone two of them.

After about a mile the ground began to shake around us. We glanced around in a panic as rocks began to fall. I had a horrifying flash of all of us being buried alive in here.

Then as soon as it started it stopped. We sported fresh new cuts and bruises.

In the dim light of my darkvision I saw Felgolos shrug sheepishly. “Just my bad luck,” he said. “This kinda stuff happens when I’m…not good.”

We glanced at each other. Felgolos was a damn dragon, but in his current situation he was almost more of a liability than an asset. But he was still our friend and we were determined to help.

We emerged from the tunnel into what looked like a completely different world. Windswept buildings lie cracked and broken upon the sandy remains of an old port town. A rotting dock jutted into the desert sand, leading to a pair of ships, one half sunken into the desert.

Great shadows passed over the ruined buildings. We glanced up and saw them – a pair of blue dragons flying high above the clear skies. Felgolos motioned us back inside the lip of the tunnel as a shadow passed over us. “That, uh, that would be them.”

Turns out Felgolos didn’t actually know, or seem to even care about the ongoing giant crisis; he had problems of his own. After we helped him out of a jam last week, he offered us a major side quest: recover a specific item from his recently stolen dragon hoard. The problem was that his hoard had been handed over to a pair of fully grown blue dragons.

Korinn, a blue dragonborn, had some reservations about assaulting these dragons. And we weren’t too keen on trying to fight them straight-up, even with a bronze dragon on our side.

Dms GuildFelgolos suggested we treat this like a stealthy heist, and we jumped all over that. We agreed to meet outside their lair in the several miles-long tunnel that lead to Ascore at the edge of the eastern desert.

(I discovered that this side jaunt is from a DMs Guild adventure called “The Flying Misfortune”).

We stopped in Everlund first to heal T.I.M.’s shattered leg. Kazin flexed his mind-manipulation powers into getting a steep discount on the otherwise staggering cost.

Krowen, the Harper, had news from the Weevil. Apparently he had slipped Miri’s grasp for a few brief moments, and everyone’s worried about what he may have done. If there’s one thing we could trust him to do, it was to remain untrustworthy.

He did have some useful intel for us, however. That potential frost giant ally we were looking for, Harshnag, was spotted heading northwest from Longsaddle. That would put him at the third and final relic location that the Weevil had given us: Morgur’s Mound.

We had to make a choice. Continue on to our original destination of Morgur’s Mound and meet Harshnag, or keep our promise to Felgolos and help him recover his stolen object, potentially securing a very powerful ally.

We opted for the latter. We couldn’t leave our buddy high and dry without his supply. Did I mention the specific object he was missing was a magical bag of pipe weed? It’s okay, it’s medicinal.

d&dFelgolos is a hilariously awesome character, an inept, loser bronze dragon. Apparently he has to smoke a magical pouch of weed to keep himself ‘regular,’ lest he suffer from an aura of bad luck (which manifests itself as giving everyone Disadvantage around him).

The DM fast-forwarded our five day hippogriff travel to the east, and we met Felgolos outside the secret tunnel entrance through the mountains. It took about an hour to walk through, with some brief tensions thanks to Felgolos’ bad luck aura causing a minor earthquake.

We emerged into the ruins of Ascore. Ascore was once a port town, but the ocean had completely dried up long ago; now it was a ruined town in a desert, complete with beached ships rising above the sand dunes. Time to split the party!

The DM let Korinn use Twinned Spell and a 4th level spell slot in order to cast Invisibility on four of us: Kazin, T.I.M., Bryseis, and herself. That left Halfred and Felgolos to provide a possible distraction, as well as explore the surrounding ruins.

The dragons’ lairs were nestled inside the hulking ships that now lie in the ocean-turned-desert. Our plan was to find Felgolos’ magical pouch, nab it, and run like hell. The bronze dragon warned us that every dragon has an innate sense of when their hoard is being messed with. The dragons would know as soon as we grabbed anything, invisible or not.

We originally planned on going in at night, but daytime actually proved the smarter play. The dragons flew around high above during the day, giving us the chance to sneak into the ships. Halfred and Felgolos would be ready to provide covering fire so we could haul ass back into the tunnels – we did not want to fight two adult blue dragons if we could help it.


We checked out the half-sunken ship first. The dragon hoard lay on top in broad daylight, so it was a simple manner of walking up and scoping it out. There were some neat trinkets there, including a fancy bow, a potion, and a sack, but none of it was Felgolos’.

The second ship seemed completely intact and proved far more difficult. We had to scale a 20ft rope (T.I.M. would fail the check 3-4 times, resulting in some sizable falling damage), maneuver around a foursome of sentry gargoyles, drop down into the hull, then avoid a group of carrion crawlers feasting on the remains of a long-dead sea creature. Invisibility for the win!

We made it to the second hoard and spotted the magical pouch among the glittering coins. T.I.M. went to the back end and revealed a huge open area that had been covered in sand – presumably where the dragon flew in and out. With our escape route opened up, Korinn and I shoveled as much as we could into her bag of holding, while I made sure to grab Felgolos’ pouch.

Meanwhile Halfred had found several dead bodies of less fortunate adventurers, including a wizard’s spellbook with a nasty fire glyph. Bryseis had doubled back to the first ship; she couldn’t contain her greed at seeing that first dragon hoard. She began grabbing her own handfuls of dragon loot at the same time as we were grabbing ours.

As was warned, both dragons gave a roar and dive bombed the ships. We started running, but they can definitely fly down faster than we can sprint.

Halfred and Felgolos sprang into action, both taking to the skies in an attempt to draw them away from us – and away from the cave that we need to run to. We had to end our session right then, making for one of our more dramatic cliffhanger sessions!

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